Voted Best Bankruptcy Law Firm

Since 2012 Debt Advisors Law Offices Milwaukee has been voted “Best Bankruptcy Law Firm;” recognized above other law firms in the area. The status is derived from two Wisconsin voting contests; WISN’s “City Voter” which ran 2012-2017 and the Shepherd Express “Best of Milwaukee,” 2018-2021. The next voting period is scheduled to take place in November of 2022.

See our most recent 2021 winner’s announcement.

2012-2017 we were voted best by the local news station WISN’s “City voter” contest. Although the City Voter contest is no longer active, we can share a press release announcing our 2012-2017 City Voter #1 Bankruptcy title.  These contests feature some of the best known law firms around.  At Debt Advisors, we are humbled by the outpouring of support that we receive each year. We are also proud of our record and work tirelessly to uphold our high standards of client satisfaction.

Client “Word of Mouth” Advertising & Branding

If you were to ask an attorney at Debt Advisors Law Offices what their most effective method of advertising is, they are likely to say, “word-of-mouth.” While there’s no single formula for word-of-mouth success, it typically begins with an environment in which clients consider themselves as valued partner in your business. Clients’ who have received something exceptional accelerate “word of mouth” advertising and brand identification, through posting opinions and experiences online at review sites, and casting their votes in contests such as WISN’s “City Voter” or Shepherd Express “Best of Milwaukee.”

Our Appreciation To Voters & Reviewers

The team at Debt Advisors Law Offices acknowledges the time and effort it takes to vote or leave a review. There are also long-term branding benefits resulting from client votes and reviews. Therefore, we extend the utmost appreciation to everyone who takes a little time out of their day to show support for us. Attorneys and team members are truly humbled and thankful for the large number of positive reviews, kind remarks, and personal recommendations that continue to pour in in support of our law firm.

Commitment To You

We strive to keep our services relevant, accessible and affordable to everyone. We are committed to maintaining our status as experts, providing honest, compassionate, and reliable information, guidance, and legal representation regarding bankruptcy and other debt-related services. If you feel that we may be able to help you, please reach out to us by requesting a free consultation with an attorney at Debt Advisors.


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