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30 - Jan - 2019
Credit Card Debt

Debt Advisors is voted “best bankruptcy” because they are dedicated towards clear and concise communication with clients.  In any relationship, whether it be personal or professional, communication is key; our law firm values clear communication with clients. Helping people through the bankruptcy process requires a lot of trust. We earn this trust through through open, honest, and safe communication with our clients.

Virtual Bankruptcy

We communicate through various virtual or in-person methods such as by phone, email, mail, video-conferencing, and chat. Be sure to provide to us the best email/phone, days of week, etc. to communicate with you. Our office will use the information you provide and do our best to accommodate.

“In every environment, we give you plenty of chances to ask more questions.”

Talk With Debt Attorney

Not sure if bankruptcy is right for you? Get free advice about  how to eliminate debt. This is what happens during your initial consultation. It’s our time to hear about your financial struggles and circumstances to determine if credit counseling, bankruptcy, credit repair, or suing a creditor may be warranted. You will speak directly with a bankruptcy attorney. The call typically lasts around 15 minutes. The moral basis of our law firm is very strong. We never have you fill out paperwork or agree to anything unless you have clearly indicated to us that you fully understand and agree to the terms. If you do decide to file bankruptcy or use any of our services, you’ll need to retain one of our bankruptcy lawyers before moving forward.

“No obligations and no pressure. We want you to be in control & well informed.”

Retain A Debt Advisors Attorney

Congratulations! Making that first contact is the most difficult thing to do, and now you have moved past it. Traditionally, we meet “in-person after your free consultation. However, due to COVID-19 we are handling more meetings in a virtual setting. Either way, we want you to feel safe and confident in this process, every step of the way. You can officially retain one of our bankruptcy attorneys during or after your free consult. (Start the bankruptcy process for as little as $100.00 when retaining your attorney.) The, expect to meet once or twice between hiring us and bankruptcy court.

After hiring us; you’ll receive clear expectations & directions for what to do next.

Prompt & Respectful Communication

We understand the urgency you have to get out of debt, and we want to provide the help you need as quickly as possible!  At the office location of your choice, or in a virtual setting, you’ll have a chance to get to know your bankruptcy attorney. (We think you’ll like us!) Be prompt when responding to our requests. Follow the instructions we provide and return “intake” paperwork quickly. (This is paperwork emailed to you after initial consult.) Any delay in receiving information can cause the bankruptcy process to take longer than it should. Once received, we thoroughly review the documents. Our staff is patient and friendly, and eager to help.

“Call our office any time if you have questions.”

Personal Response & Request 

Bankruptcy lawyers  work in a very fast-paced environment handling requests for debt relief, resolving disputes, dealing with trustees, banks, creditors, collectors, clients, etc. (Not to mention preparing for and appearing in bankruptcy court.) We are all working around the limitations of COVID-19. We are also people who have families that we enjoy spending time with. However, we want you to know that we NEVER leave our clients hanging, even if we are out of the office. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys, office managers, paralegals and other office staff are always supportive and helpful. Debt Advisors Law Offices is open six days a week. If an attorney can’t get to your call immediately, our office will ensure that your call is returned within 48 hours. Not all bankruptcy lawyers will show this kind of personal response!

“We never leave our clients hanging.”

Bankruptcy  Petition

Once a bankruptcy petition is filed on your behalf it enforces the “automatic stay.” A court date is assigned by the court. As long as we have good responsive communication from our clients, bankruptcy can be filed quickly and efficiently. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debts discharged in approximately 4 months.

Being recognized as one of the best bankruptcy firms in Milwaukee, we at Debt Advisors understand the intricacies of the bankruptcy process. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the numerous accolades we’ve received, including being voted the best bankruptcy law firm. Our expertise spans across various categories of bankruptcy, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive guidance tailored to their unique situations. Moreover, our proactive approach in addressing the demands of local bankruptcy sets us apart, making the journey smoother for those we serve.

We love the sighs of relief and gratitude we get from people when their debt has been eliminated. Helping people is our greatest satisfaction. After bankruptcy, we help our clients build credit scores and obtain loans to buy a home or car.

“Our guidance and communication is available through the entire bankruptcy process and beyond.”

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