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Bankruptcy Protections

Learn about bankruptcy protections, types of bankruptcy, how to get started, what to expect, and who to trust. Filing bankruptcy is the ONLY way to completely eliminate debt. If bankruptcy is right for you, it offers powerful protections that cannot be achieved through alternative solutions such as hardship relief, loans, or debt settlement.

“One free and easy step can get you that much closer to solving serious debt problems for good.”

Bankruptcy Types

There are two main types of consumer bankruptcy; Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. People who file for bankruptcy have tried to get out of debt unsuccessfully. They feel trapped by the enormous stress that excessive debts and bill collectors can bring. If bankruptcy is right for you, it’s our job to determine which type of bankruptcy you qualify for.

Bankruptcy Services & Fees

When already overwhelmed with debt, it is difficult to understand how bankruptcy services can be affordable. That issue is explained and resolved, before deciding to retain an attorney. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that Debt Advisors is far more affordable than many other bankruptcy options. We do everything in our power to work with the unique financial situation of every client. Payment plans, a “sliding fee scale,” and other creative ideas are available to cover our professional services.

What Does Bankruptcy Cost? 

How Much Property Is Exempt?

Get Your Fresh Start

Everyone deserves a chance for a fresh start. Take advantage of our solid advice and bankruptcy expertise. We never push bankruptcy. If there are alternative options that may benefit you, we’ll let you know what those are. We provide thorough explanations and transparency to allow you to make the decision best for you and your family. Furthermore, we help prevent mistakes that commonly happen when folks try to file bankruptcy on their own. If you decide to move forward with bankruptcy, it’s important to us that you are feeling confident about that decision. From that point, our focus to make the bankruptcy process easy for our clients as possible.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy help

Debt Advisors is the best option for bankruptcy help in Wisconsin. We understand bankruptcy laws and the bankruptcy process. We listen carefully to our clients and provide clear direction. We set the record straight regarding the truth about bankruptcy and why so many find it life-changing. When bankruptcy is the best resolution for your debt problems, it’s our job to make it happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll guide you through the actions and responsibilities needed to support that objective. Here are the first few actions that you can expect to happen at the beginning of the bankruptcy process:

  • Request your free initial consultation with Debt Advisors
  • Learn about and discuss your options
  • Retain one of our attorneys to represent you
  • Submit all of requested paperwork & documents
  • Petition to declare bankruptcy filed by your attorney

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