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Why Debt Advisors

Is Debt Advisors Legit?
Simply put, yes! Debt Advisors Law Offices is a law firm that offers debt advice and debt solutions, including but not limited to filing bankruptcy. Our job is to empower people and ensure they are aware of their rights as a consumer. If filing for bankruptcy is something you’re considering, or if you’re just in over your head with bills, harassing creditors, or a low credit score, then don’t leave this site before we share why the best thing to do is to contact Debt Advisors.


  • Our firm has 100% debt relief focus including bankruptcy
  • Services are affordable; we never hide charges or surprise with unexpected fees
  • Speak to a real attorney during your free no-pressure initial consult
  • Exceptional communication & expert legal advice you can trust
  • Share Knowledge about Consumer Rights & Protections
  • We inspire & change peoples lives for the better
  • Voted Best Bankruptcy Law Firm since 2012
  • Serving Wisconsin for nearly 15 years
  • Knowledgeable & friendly; our team!
  • Hundreds of clients reviews on Google
  • 7 convenient Wisconsin locations

Thorough & Affordable Bankruptcy Services
Life can dish out some seriously difficult and unwanted circumstances that lead to medical debt, debt from divorce, out of control credit cards, and changes in income. This is when people see a bankruptcy attorney for debt advice. Sure, it’s possible to file bankruptcy on your own, but it’s just too risky when little mistakes can lead to more expenses, more time, and bigger headaches than what you already have. As far as bankruptcy is concerned, we are one of only a select few top-notch local bankruptcy law firms in Wisconsin who represent consumers in bankruptcy knowledgeably and efficiently. Furthermore, our 720 credit score program and debt-relief strategies change lives for the better. Retain a Debt Advisors attorney for as little as $100. When our services are so efficient and affordable, why would you go anywhere else?

New clients receive a no-obligation, no cost, debt consultation with with a Debt Advisors Attorney. It is true that other law firms may also offer this. The difference is the quality of advice and guidance that we can provide. For example, some firms have a staff member handling these calls. At Debt Advisors, you actually speak to a bankruptcy attorney. We provide advice catered to your personal debt situation and offer real solutions that can either reduce or eliminate debt for good. After your consultation you can determine if you would like to hire us to represent you. If you hire Debt Advisors to represent you, expect that our fees are very reasonable compared to other law firms and we are always upfront and honest so that clients are never left with unexpected charges.

“Get free Consult, then hire a bankruptcy attorney at Debt Advisors for as little as $100”

Unmatched Communication & Client Dedication
Above other Wisconsin bankruptcy law firms, Debt Advisors can acclaim a higher level of client satisfaction. (Our reviews back this claim.) We contribute our success over the years to the fact that we give 100% to each and every client we have the pleasure to help. Attorneys and staff never treat clients like numbers. Debt problems are a real burden on your life. You are already under a lot of financial hardship and stress. Before we solve your debt problems, we have to be great listeners. Once we agree on the end goal, we want to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible with information and decisions that are being made together. We are here to listen and answer all of your questions; ensuring that when you walk out our door, you leave feeling the weight of financial problems lift. Our “client-based” services equate to resolving your case promptly, efficiently, and in a very warm and considerate manner. We never share your personal information with anyone outside of the bankruptcy proceedings.

As much as we live and breathe bankruptcy cases, we also acknowledge that most people don’t have the same background and experience that we do. This is why the communication between a bankruptcy attorney, (us), and client, (you), is so important. The last thing we want is to have anyone feel uninformed or disconnected from the communication channel that we establish with all of our clients. We make ourselves available through many communication channels such as mail, phone, email, chat, and in-person. Every case has its unique challenges and we understand that fact. By asking clients the best way to reach them, we are able to communicate with each client based upon their individual specifications.

“We make it a point to ask, “are there any other questions that I can answer for you.”

Lawyers with Experience & Focus on Debt Relief
Don’t let the friendly atmosphere or simplicity of our name take away from the fact that we are local bankruptcy lawyers with many years of experience. Six days a week, nearly every week of the year, we are taking calls, giving advice, or legally representing folks just like you in bankruptcy court. Our experience is unmatched and openly available to anyone and everyone who seeks us for consultation. But be aware that there are fraudulent agencies out there that will take your money and leave you with a bunch of empty promises. There are also attorneys out there that handle a variety of non-complimenting practice areas. Stay away from anything other than dedicated bankruptcy attorneys to resolve your debt problems. They cannot provide to you the same quality and quantity of experience that a dedicated bankruptcy law firm like Debt Advisors can provide.

For nearly fifteen years, our law firm has focused specifically on areas of debt relief including bankruptcy, credit repair, and consumer rights. Debt Advisors bankruptcy lawyers are certified with the State Bar of Wisconsin and members of other professional associations such as the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. We are experienced and knowledgeable in both federal bankruptcy laws and Wisconsin bankruptcy laws.

“We do one important thing day in, and day out, and that’s helping people like you get out of debt.”

Convenient Locations & Debt-Relief Options
Based upon the demand for debt relief services, Debt Advisors has expanded to 7 locations since first opening Milwaukee in 2006. There’s likely an office close to your home or work. Not all law firms can offer the sheer number of convenient locations that we currently have available. Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and some offices even offer Saturday meetings by appointment. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate the friendliness and convenience of the legal team and staff at Debt Advisors locations across the state of Wisconsin. Expect the same attention at our Madison office as you would at the Milwaukee, Green Bay, Sheboygan, or any other Debt Advisors office. Before making an appointment, see which bankruptcy office location suits you best.

Learn what your rights are as a consumer. See yourself saving money and making money in the future. You can also count on us to be honest regarding your debt-relief options, which is not something you’ll get everywhere else. For example, there are things bankruptcy can and cannot do. If filing bankruptcy isn’t the best solution to resolve your personal debt problem, then we’re going to let you know. Providing trustworthy guidance is part of our job, even if it means recommending something other than bankruptcy. At Debt Advisors, we lay out all reasonable and accessible options and provide the guidance for you to make a decision you feel most comfortable with. Not all law firms will offer this level of comfort.

“We share legal options that may best resolve your situation, then you make the decision you’re most comfortable with”  

Changing Lives & Inspiring People
It’s not uncommon to hear how we have changed people’s lives for the better. We have helped pave the way for brighter financial futures. We have stopped home foreclosures, stopped repossession of cars, stopped wage garnishments, stopped creditor calls, sued creditors who violated consumer protection laws, and have literally helped thousands of people start a fresh financial life.

Although the trend is to leave online reviews, (and we are grateful for them), we do every so often also receive a much appreciated handwritten card or letter. Recently, a son accompanied his parents to Debt Advisors for legal representation to file bankruptcy. The son was so inspired by his experience at Debt Advisors that he wrote a personal letter stating:

“Thank you for helping my family through on of the most difficult times we’ve ever experienced… I am proud to announce that I have decided to attend Marquette University Law School this fall. You inspired my interest in the law and helped make my dream a reality. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

We are humbled and very proud of testaments like these. It makes us feel like we are really making a difference, and we love to inspire people. Some law firms have just a few great reviews and it makes one wonder how legitimate they may be. Debt Advisors has over a hundred reviews. We can’t make this stuff up! You won’t see us on TV, and you probably won’t hear about us on the radio. Previous client testimonials support our claims and serve as effective “word of mouth” advertising. Our bankruptcy law firm reviews are available just by searching for “Debt Advisors Law Offices” on Google Maps.

Ready to get your financial life back on track? Reach out to Debt Advisors Law Offices by calling: 888-660-5413 or simply fill out the “start here” form on this website.

Reviews by Google Users

  • review rating 5  The team at debt advisors are best. They help me with all my financial issues. Everything it took for me to get through my situation they were there from beginning to the end. I would recommend them to anyone that's in a financial situation. Give them a call

    thumb Demetrick Fleming
  • review rating 5  I have used Chad and Jeremy for the past several years and both attorneys has been hands on with helping me resolve and realign many of my financial issue. Debt Advisors has helped my stress level of finances to settle in a more comfortable place. I would highly recommend Debt Advisors to anyone that may have made bad financial choose or found themselves in a place of hardship. Thanks Debt Advisors

    thumb Debbie Matthews
  • review rating 5  As a customer I was very glad with the level of service I received. I was both nervous and ashamed that I was going through the process of filing. My attorney was nonjudgmental, professional, and very knowledgeable. I had lots of questions and he patiently answered each of them helping me feel more confident in my decision making. I was unable to pay all fees up front and was happy to learn that there was a payment option where payments were deducted from my account until paid in full. Upon my final payment the process ran quickly and smoothly. I always felt like my best interest was at the forefront front the filing process, followup phone calls, reminder phones calls, the court date and discharge. I called the offices 3 years after filing and still, they were welcoming, supportive and informative even though I am not a current customer. This was the first step to me reestablishing myself as a conscious borrower and consumer.

    thumb Ashley Vtine
  • review rating 5  Both Cad and Michael were fantastic!!! They were dedicated and very helpful during my entire bankruptcy. Every step was explained as well as any question that I had (even if I asked three or four times) got answered. I would recommend this team to anyone that needs to swallow their pride and file bankruptcy.

    thumb Andrew Ossowski
  • review rating 5  Both Cad and Michael were fantastic!!! They were dedicated and very helpful during my entire bankruptcy. Every step was explained as well as any question that I had (even if I asked three or four times) got answered. I would recommend this team to anyone that needs to swallow their pride and file bankruptcy.

    thumb Andrew Ossowski
  • review rating 5  My husband and I hired Debt Advisors to help with our bankruptcy back in 2010. They made it simple and easy then. Now 10 years later we needed information regarding our bankruptcy and they still make things simple and easy. I have and will recommend Debt Advisors to anyone that needs help. Thank you to Debt Advisors for helping my family plan for the future.

    thumb Carrie Kilbey
  • review rating 5  Even one year later Debt Advisors continue to help by making it easy to access archived information. This experience with this service and it's staff has been stress free from day one. I recommend this team if you want thorough and excellent service like old times.

    thumb Reynell Jones
  • review rating 5  My experience with debt advisors law office was an excellent experience. Chad and his partner we're very knowledgeable and their staff was very helpful through my whole process. As We Know this type of experience bankruptcy can be very trying and stressful however Chad and his staff made it a lot easier on me and I felt they did a wonderful job. I would recommend to anyone.

    thumb Sandy Herfel
  • review rating 5  A few years ago I found myself drowning in debt, after doing some research I decided I would get some help in dealing with that debt, so I reached out to Debt Advisors Law Offices. I was scared, nervous, and embarrassed that I had gotten to this point but after my first meeting with Debt Advisors I knew I was making the right decision. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward. The best part was it was all on my time, I felt no pressure from them which was amazing. They were always available to answer my questions and help me through the process. A couple years after my case closed, I reached out to get some information and within that same day they responded to me and remembered me! Truly a wonderful firm to work with!

    thumb Weston Jones
  • review rating 5  Best place to relieve your debt. Debt Advisors offers a seamless process which is both worry and stress free. Flexible payment options and quick turn-around. The staff is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to deliver satisfaction!....Hands down Debt Advisors is the BEST!

    thumb Nina Ross

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