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How to Avoid Eviction

The automatic stay, set in motion with a bankruptcy filing, prevents a landlord from charging rent or attempting to collect past amounts due. It also prevents them from taking you to court to file an eviction case against you. Besides dodging an eviction, filing bankruptcy is the only legal action that can completely wipe out your other debts at the same time.

Prevent Eviction By Filing For Bankruptcy

Are you already behind paying rent and fear that another plea with the landlord isn’t going to change anything? Have you received a written notice? The last thing you need is to owe more money in fees and still end up forced out of your rental unit. When an eviction seems inevitable, there’s no room for mistakes and little time to spare. It is important to seek reliable information about bankruptcy options before the eviction court order has been issued. Renters who file bankruptcy to avoid eviction employ a legal option that is trustworthy and effective at stopping legal action against them.

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Growing Problem Of Evictions In Milwaukee Wisconsin

There are a handful of reasons why evictions are increasing in our communities, especially in Milwaukee County. For example, there’s an increase in the need for affordable homes and rental properties, but a shortage of units available. A slightly improved minimum wage doesn’t overcome record-high inflation rates. Renting costs are rising for both landlords and tenants making this a complex and multi-faceted issue. Lastly, assistance funds are scarce for everyone. For the renter who can’t pay the rent, it’s nearly impossible to obtain financial assistance before being evicted.

  • The temporary eviction moratorium due to COVID-19 ended in 2021
  • Due to the lack of affordable housing, more people rent. This causes a shortage in rental properties.
  • Inflation rate and current economic environment are hard on everyone, including both landlords and tenants.
  • Landlords often increase the cost to rent a unit when demand is high or with minimum wage hikes.
  • Landlords may be less patient because they know there are people who looking to fill your space.
  • State assistance to prevent evictions is scarce, often too slow to prevent an eviction, and only “band-aids” the underlying debt problem.
  • September 2022, Milwaukee evictions are trending up towards the 81% above average experienced in February 2022.

Overwhelming Debt Is Root Of Problem

Due to COVID-19 hardships, accumulated debts remain at crisis levels. When serious debt problems are the root of the crisis, escaping eviction once may not prevent it from happening again. Debt must be addressed head-on. Thankfully, filing for bankruptcy provides an extended level of protection and peace of mind. For those who qualify, it will immediately stop legal action against you. It also offers the opportunity to free yourself from the stronghold of debt, aggressive collection agencies, and banks. Prevent future evictions. Rebuild your credit. If you think that eviction from your rental property is on the horizon, there is no time to waste. By acknowledging that overwhelming debt is the root of the problem, you have overcome one large hurdle already.

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Bankruptcy Prevents Eviction And Eliminates Debt

When bankruptcy is filed, the automatic stay immediately goes into effect. This is the powerful bankruptcy tool that prevents your landlord from pursuing an eviction case against you. (It’s also what stops the activities of banks and collection agencies for the collection of other outstanding debts.) Although filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t erase previous evictions, it can:

  • Allow you to stay in your home
  • Forgive past due rent and other associated landlord fees
  • Reduce the chance of another eviction happening in the future
  • Eliminate other outstanding debts that make life such a struggle

The quicker you gain access to your legal rights and options, the better. When you talk with an attorney at Debt Advisors, keep in mind that there are different types of bankruptcy. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option to prevent eviction as a long-term solution. Although more complicated for preventing an eviction, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also be an option. The timing and details of your specific situation will help your bankruptcy attorney determine which route is best for you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Wisconsin Evictions Regulated By Law

Wisconsin evictions are regulated by law to protect both landlords and tenants. The process of eviction can start at any point upon which the terms of the rental agreement have been broken. In some situations, landlords may allow more time to resolve issues like late rental payments. If you’ve received a verbal warning, this is an opportune moment to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney. If a landlord moves forward with an eviction lawsuit, you’ll receive written notice to pay rent, or move out. With each step of the legal eviction process, preventing one becomes more difficult.  If evicted, you’re facing a nationwide shortage of affordable homes and rental units. The last thing you need is to be homeless. Furthermore, there is the pressure of overwhelming debt. There are many complexities involved.  This makes the need for legal counsel so critical. With immediate action, a bankruptcy attorney at Debt Advisors can take action to prevent eviction.

Affordable Legal Help For Eviction

Wisconsin is known to have some brutal winters. Unfortunately, if rent has gone unpaid, you can be evicted at any time of the year.  When the landlord pursues it, they can move forward with a legal eviction which ultimately places you and your family without a home. The bankruptcy attorneys at Debt Advisors Law don’t want this to happen to you. We understand and interpret bankruptcy and eviction laws to benefit our clients. We ensure that the eviction prevention services we offer are affordable to everyone. Our staff understands the priority of the issue at hand. We know how to get to the root of financial problems and take quick action to prevent eviction. If bankruptcy is the best fitting option, we won’t turn you away due to money. Read what your Wisconsin friends and neighbors say about the legal help we provide for eviction and other debt-related issues.

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