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Attorneys experienced in bankruptcy  provide confidence and assurance to a process that is too risky to try on your own.  Debt Advisors attorneys focus on bankruptcy related services every day. Immersed in the details of the bankruptcy code, we can ensure each client receives the best possible outcome. If faced with the burden of debt, we are fully prepared to help you as well. Click on the profile links below for the backgrounds and qualifications of each of our local bankruptcy attorneys.

Financial Relief Lawyers

Financial relieve lawyers at Debt Advisors provide debt relief and financial freedom for those who are overwhelmed with financial burdens. On behalf of clients, Debt Advisors files for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. As a debt relief agency with top-rated legal counsel, we harness the power to negotiate the best terms for our clients.  We have a full-range of legal options to provide financial relief, or to eliminate debt completely. Learn more about your options including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Wisconsin Chapter 128 and bankruptcy alternatives. Make an appointment with a Debt Advisors attorney.  Let’s discuss your situation and arrive at the best option for relief.

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Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyers

Attorneys experienced in bankruptcy, we have helped thousands of local people and families living in Wisconsin. For your convenience, we provide seven offices throughout the state including Milwaukee, Downtown Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Sheboygan, Racine & Kenosha. Likely co-workers, neighbors, friends or family members have either used our services, or heard of us. Your bank and creditors likely have strong legal representation, and you should as well. We are highly experienced  Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers who have compassion for getting our clients out of difficult financial situations.

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Financial Problem Solvers

At Debt Advisors, we solve big financial problems every day. Clients in serious debt depend upon us for options and expert advice from a trusted source.  At Debt Advisors, we do our best to meet and exceed all client expectations. We know Wisconsin and federal laws, the trustees, the courts, and every detail of the bankruptcy process. We also know our clients, including what means the most to them, what worries they have, and the financial goals they would like to achieve.  Every opportunity to improve, streamline, or make services more safe, convenient and efficient, we take advantage of. Taking all of these things into consideration, it comes as no surprise that clients speak so highly of our services.

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Reviews by Google Users

  • 5 star review  I highly recommend Debt Advisors if you are considering a bankruptcy. We are nearing the end of our plan and everyone at DA has been extremely helpful and thorough. Angel in particular has been very helpful with the many, many questions we've had over the years. Thanks for all of your efforts!

    thumb Howard Lord
  • 5 star review  Everyone treated me with dignity and respect. Chad explained everything and put me at ease. I would recommend Debt Advisors to anyone looking for professional quality experience.

    thumb Angela McAllister
  • 5 star review  I had nothing but an amazing experience. Very professional, intelligent, hard working, and caring. Attorney Michael S. Georg was nothing short of amazing! He made the process painless and easy. From the first meeting to the last he was nothing but professional and showed that he cared! His staff was excellent and is very helpful!

    thumb Darrel Allen Sr
  • 5 star review  From the second I walked in and talked to the lawyer I felt a sense of relief and a huge weight off my shoulders. Debt Advisors was efficient, timely, and professional. They helped my husband and I to get a fresh start financially.We’re so happy we chose Debt Advisors!!

    thumb Suseela Riley
  • 5 star review  Not a good year, 2016. Chad L. Schomburg at Debt Advisors Law Office made it easier. Very professional and with the knowledge to answer all my questions. Extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend this Law Office.

    thumb Marco Ramirez
  • 5 star review  Mike Georg was extremely helpful during the entirety of my process. He made sure I understood exactly what was going to happen and he was always there to answer any questions I may have had. I really like the fact that I didn’t have to pay all out of pocket at once. Their payment plan made it easy for me to pay what I had to without breaking the bank. I’m completely satisfied with the level of professionalism that everyone in the office has. Even to this day I’m able to get in touch with them which I’m really grateful for. I’d definitely recommend them to my family and friends. If your someone who’s looking to get out of debt but are skeptical, you’ll have no worries here with Debt Advisors. The process is quick and easy.

    thumb Shetara Johnson
  • 5 star review  I still remember the day when I started my bankruptcy back in 2016. I selected Debt Advisors because a good friend of mine had recommended Atty Mike Georg to me. After we met I was glad that I did select Debt Advisors for many reasons. Mainly, it was the professionalism and care that Mike and his staff showed me throughout the entire process. It felt good knowing that my situation would be taken care of efficiently and in a timely manner. Even after my bankruptcy was discharged Attorney Mike Georg and Debt Advisors have been there for me in 2018 and this 2020. Both times I've needed professional help with things like providing me with documents and forms that I've needed from my case. I strongly encourage anyone looking for debt consultation to visit Debt Advisors for help. They're great at what they do!

    thumb Arlandus Morton
  • 5 star review  Bankruptcy is never fun, but this Law Office made it so much easier. If I ever had any questions at all they were answered timely. They even helped me through a rough time when I ended up having to pay taxes and had a big medical exspense too! They were always kind and never made me feel bad for having to do the bankruptcy. They were sympathetic to why and just helped me through it! I recommend them to anyone I know going through this or having to start this process. I know of two of the people I referred who used htem and loved them too! Thank you Debt Advisors Law Offices! Jeremy and Angel thank you personally!

    thumb Tami Miller
  • 5 star review  I can confidently say that Debt Advisors is NOT in the business of taking advantage of you in your current situation. Debt Advisors is in the business of helping you get in a better place than you are now. I was there, constantly worrying about this large amount of debt that I owed. Feeling sick to my stomach and unable to sleep at night. Then I talked to Mike. He is genuine and honest. Having him in my corner took this huge weight off my chest. If you are in this place, I highly recommend giving Debt Advisors a call, it is the first step in the right direction.

    thumb Kurt Cameron
  • 5 star review  I had nothing but and amazing experience with Debt Adviosrs. They made this process for me easy and painless. Still today they are open and willing to help me. These are really great people, and they really care. Thank you Geroge and the rest of your team.

    thumb DENISE MOORE

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