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Attorneys who are experienced in bankruptcy provide confidence and assurance to a process that is too risky to try on your own. Debt Advisors attorneys offers these attributes to clients each and every day. Our focus is 100% on the clients and providing the best bankruptcy-related services possible. Immersed in the details of the bankruptcy code, we can ensure each client receives the best possible outcome. If faced with the burden of debt, we are fully prepared to help you as well. Click on the profile links below for the backgrounds and qualifications of each of our local bankruptcy attorneys.

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The Debt Advisors team works together to provide debt relief and financial freedom for people who are overwhelmed with financial burdens. When it fits the situation, Debt Advisors files for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. As a debt relief agency with top-rated legal counsel, we harness the power to negotiate the best terms for our clients. We have a full-range of legal options to provide financial relief, or to eliminate debt completely. Learn more about your options including Chapter 7 , Chapter 13, Wisconsin Chapter 128 and bankruptcy alternatives. Make an appointment with a Debt Advisors attorney. Let’s discuss your situation and arrive at the best option for relief.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyers

Attorneys experienced in bankruptcy, we have helped thousands of local people and families living in Wisconsin. For your convenience, we provide seven offices throughout the state including Milwaukee, Downtown Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Sheboygan, Racine & Kenosha. Likely co-workers, neighbors, friends or family members have either used our services, or heard of us. Your bank and creditors likely have strong legal representation, and you should as well. We are highly experienced Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers who have compassion for getting our clients out of difficult financial situations.


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At Debt Advisors, we solve big financial problems every day. Clients in serious debt depend upon us for options and expert advice from a trusted source. At Debt Advisors, we do our best to meet and exceed all client expectations. We know Wisconsin and federal laws, the trustees, the courts, and every detail of the bankruptcy process. We also know our clients, including what means the most to them, what worries they have, and the financial goals they would like to achieve. Every opportunity to improve, streamline, or make services more safe, convenient and efficient, we take advantage of. Taking all of these things into consideration, it comes as no surprise that clients speak so highly of our services.


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