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It feels overwhelming to not know where to begin, or who to trust. It takes a lot of courage to move forward; it feels overwhelming. So, why do people choose Debt Advisors? Based upon what people are saying about us, we must be doing lots of things right. Our law firm is focused on the client; we understand your financial struggles, and we are here to help. This page gives step by step instructions from Debt Advisors Law Offices, the experts in everything related to debt. As a licensed Debt Relief Agency, we offer services to either reduce and restructure debt or, completely eliminate debt. We provide the guidance and options, so that you can chose what is best for you. When bankruptcy is the best fitting option, we help file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Furthermore, filing bankruptcy is our specialty- we are the experts!

Step-By-Step: File Bankruptcy In Wisconsin

  •  Fill out the form on this page “Start Right Now.” This is the first and most important step to begin the bankruptcy process because it will connect you to an attorney at one of our 7 Wisconsin locations.
  • This consult allows us to guide you towards deciding if bankruptcy may be appropriate for your particular financial situation.
  • With your approval, we pull & further review documents including your credit report, review debts, assets, and income.
  • To file bankruptcy, law requires a short online credit counseling course.
  • Discuss with your attorney the pros & cons to different options. After more discussion & considerations; this lead to decision about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Begin the bankruptcy process – hire us for as little as $100 to start.
  • Deal with creditors swiftly.
  • Stop foreclosure on your home.
  • Get your vehicle back, or stop repossession before it happens.
  • Once all of the paperwork and monetary requirements are met, we can move quickly.

An Overview of The Bankruptcy Process In Wisconsin

Bankruptcy is filed either by state, or federal law.  The determination is made, ultimately, by you. Most people look at which allows them to keep the most assets. (Often, state bankruptcy is more generous.) Above all, it’s important to understand the differences between the two options. Similarly,  the type of bankruptcy chosen also have differences. Provided that the qualifications are met, Chapter 13 bankruptcy case typically takes several years. You will be required to establish and follow a debt repayment plan, which lasts from three to five years. This is often called “the wage-earners plan.” Folks who qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will find that the process is much quicker than Chapter 13 – often taking less than 5 months. (This is the option that provides total debt elimination.) On our website, information about bankruptcy is abundant. Understandably, there are many more questions you’ll have about specific details unique to you.  The best way to get those questions answered is to follow the step-by-step instructions above. Each step gets you closer to the goal of getting out from under the heavy debt burden.

Hiring Process Begins With As Little As $100

Starting the bankruptcy process for you begins with consideration, research and inquiry. For your attorney, the bankruptcy process begins when a Debt Advisors Attorney is actually hired. Do this for as little as $100 to start. All of our fees are transparent; we don’t hide important information from our clients. A payment plan for the balance of your attorneys’ fees and filing fees is agreed upon at your initial consultation. Once our Wisconsin law firm represents you in bankruptcy, we see to it that creditors’ phone calls stop being made. Once hired, we field all communications with your credit card companies, healthcare providers, and mortgage companies. For many, bankruptcy is more affordable and quicker than  previously thought. Most people are able to keep the assets that are most important, and appreciate the protections offered by the automatic stay. With our help, common mistakes are avoided. Still not sure? Take a moment to read reviews from people who have filed bankruptcy with Debt Advisors.

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