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Bankruptcy Success Stories In Wisconsin


If you’re looking to establish a personal success story of your own, we encourage you to learn more about why people choose Debt Advisors. Save your home from foreclosure. Stop car repos and wage garnishments. Improve your credit scores and future buying power. All of these things are possible when filing for bankruptcy. Read client reviews and real “success stories” below, including solutions to debt problems that may be similar to your situation.

Disability Debt Problem


An unexpected event occurred which led to the client having to take a disability leave of absence from work. While out of work, the client turned to credit cards to pay for unexpected expenses. At first, the client wasn’t worried becuase he figured he could pay off the debts when he returned to work. Yet, the unexpected happened again. Instead of being able to pay off the debts, he found himself deeper in debt and out of work longer than expected.

The Debt Solution: After hearing about the client’s unfortunate series of events, our firm went to work to find the best solution. Utlimately, we were able to find that in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To ensure that the client was comfortable in their decision, we thoroughly explained the process and expected outcome. We were able to reduce the amount of debts into a reasonable monthly payment plan and the client was greatful for our help.

COVID-19 Debt Problem


Client that was supposed to meet with us toward the end of March. Then COVID-19 hit Wisconsin pretty hard. She still wanted to file her case, but didn’t want to meet in person. In addition, the courts still required us to make sure we had reviewed the paperwork and obtained signatures that we needed to file.

The Debt Solution: Our firm was able to look into multiple video options for video conferencing, as well as phone conferencing. This enabled me to meet with her over video, and mail her the documents to sign. In turn the court now uses video, and phone for all of the bankruptcy hearings and 341 meetings. We were able to calm her fears of the virus as well as get her case filed for her in a timely fashion.

Behind on Taxes Debt Problem

Client by the name of Sharon owned a home in Madison, WI. She fell behind over 2 years behind on her property taxes on her home. The City was about to seize her home, and was going to sell it. She started working again, and needed to save her house.

The Debt Solution: Sharon came in to Debt Advisors, and through many tears told us her story. We were able to work with her quickly to resolve the situation. The City was contacted and verified that the property was not yet sold or seized. Chapter 13 bankruptcy was filed for her. A Chapter 13 allows for the city to be paid back property tax arrears through a payment plan. The City agreed to file the claim, and allowed my client to keep her house.

Auto Accident Debt Problem

On his way to work, the client lost control of his vehicle due to icy roads and got into a car accident. As a result of the accident, the client incurred a $20,000 accident judgment. The Department of Motor Vehicles subsequently suspended the client’s license because of the accident judgment. The client had little means to get to work and make a living.

The Debt Solution: Debt Advisors filed an emergency Chapter 7 bankruptcy which wiped out the $20,000 accident judgment. The suspension on the client’s license was revoked and the client was able to resume his commute to his employment.

Mortgage Debt Problem

The clients owed two mortgages on their residence. The second mortgage was completely under water with a high interest rate. The clients also did not have the disposable income in order to afford their monthly mortgage payments for their second mortgage payments along with all of the rest of their unsecured debt. Actions prevented home foreclosure.

The Debt Solution: After a free consultation, the clients decided to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy with a lawyer from Debt Advisors. Through their chapter 13 bankruptcy, the clients were able to strip the lien on their second mortgage. The clients’ second mortgage ended up being wiped out at the end of their chapter 13 bankruptcy with only a nominal amount of payments made to their second mortgage company through their chapter 13 plan. The clients were also able to pay off the rest of their debt on cents on the dollar through easily managed monthly payments in their chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Car Repo Debt Problem

A single mom with 2 kids had her car repossessed because she was laid-off from work and fell behind on her car payments. She had been called back to work in Waukesha County a few days before the car was repossessed. She needed her car to travel to-and-from work. Quick action got car repo back.

The Debt Solution: She met with an experienced attorney at Debt Advisors Law Offices. We advised her to file an emergency chapter 13 petition to compel the creditor to return the car repo to her. We filed the bankruptcy petition and her car was returned 3 days later. She is now able to get to work, her car is safe and she is on the road to financial security.

Credit Card Debt Problem

Bob was in debt due mostly to personal credit cards. In addition, he owed in back taxes from years prior. Creditors and collection agencies had been consistent with their calls and attempts to collect from Bob, but he was not able to pay. To make it worse, the IRS recently began garnishing wages.

The Debt Solution: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed for Bob, and the IRS was contacted on his behalf. These actions immediately cleared credit card debts and even the back taxes. Wage garnishments ceased, and Bob was finally debt free with a more optimistic financial future.

Behind On House Payments Debt Problem

Clients were underwater on their property which was secured by three mortgages. They were failing to keep up with payments on the mortgages and also maintain their home. The house was in disrepair and needed substantial upkeep. They were in danger of losing their home.

The Debt Solution: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy was filed to deal with all three mortgages, proposing to pay off behind payments on the first two mortgages. Then we filed a lawsuit against the third mortgage company within the bankruptcy to avoid that mortgage. After a contested trial, the Judge ruled in our favor. If the clients successfully complete their Chapter 13, they will not have to pay the 3rd mortgage which will be discharged along with their other debts. They will also be current on the 1st and 2nd mortgages.

Personal Bankruptcy Stories

We do every so often also receive a much appreciated handwritten card or letter. Recently, a son accompanied his parents to Debt Advisors for legal representation to file bankruptcy. The son was so inspired by his experience at Debt Advisors that he wrote a personal letter stating:

“Thank you for helping my family through on of the most difficult times we’ve ever experienced… I am proud to announce that I have decided to attend Marquette University Law School this fall. You inspired my interest in the law and helped make my dream a reality. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Especially after COVID-19, many families find themselves in debt and unable to make gains on their own. Client success stories are testaments to:

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