Wisconsin bankruptcy

Wisconsin Divorce And Bankruptcy Quick Facts

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Divorce causes some major adjustments. It can also provide an opportunity to reset financial priorities and gain a fresh new start. When contemplating or pursuing divorce, it’s advantageous to be familiar with how debts, assets, liabilities, and income can be impacted. This article briefly covers Wisconsin’s “no-fault” status and some key points about bankruptcy including

Chapter 128 Wisconsin Bankruptcy Alternative

A Non-Bankruptcy Alternative You may think that this option is something new, but Chapter 128.21, (a non-bankruptcy alternative), has actually been around for decades. It is specific to the state of Wisconsin, an old state-law debtor action, and a non-bankruptcy alternative. It is confusing at first glance because it has a label that sounds similar

Wisconsin residents; protect your paycheck and stop wage garnishments.

A women who had been divorced in Wisconsin for nearly four years, was shocked to find out that her wages were going to be garnished because her ex hadn’t paid his student loans.  Because the student loans originated during the time of legal marriage, the woman was then held liable for repayment when her ex-husband

Relief for student loan debt in Wisconsin

The Wall Street Journal posted an excellent article with the charts below, labeling 2014 graduates as the most indebted class ever.  As you can see in the numbers, student loan progression over the past twenty years is staggering.  The amount borrowed for college loans continues to widen the gap between income and overall debt load.