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What You Should Know About Debt Recovery

If bill collectors get out of line and break the law, don’t pay them.  Instead, take legal action and sue them. A creditor harassment lawyer at Debt Advisors will determine whether or not you may have a case. If there is evidence to sue a creditor, then we pursue that case for you. After all, proving that a collector has violated your rights is the biggest challenge. There are many positive things that can come from suing a “badly behaving” creditor.  Here’s what you need to know:

    • You have the right to sue any creditor if they have committed illegal actions according to the FDCPA.
    • File for monetary compensation when debt collector has violated the FDCPA
    • Damages can equate too many thousands of dollars based upon statute, claim, and violation details.
    • Court costs, including attorney fees, will be covered in the settlement.
    • If we don’t win your case, you pay nothing.

Clients often have questions about how to sue a debt collector for damages. Our attorneys and legal staff have the experience necessary to prove your case in a court of law. If we take on your case, then we’re certain we can get you the monetary compensation you deserve. If you’re being harassed and feel you may have a case, talk to a creditor harassment lawyer right away. Fill out the “Start Right Now” form to get started, or contact us at any of our six Wisconsin Locations.

Harassment Tactics by Bill Collectors

Consumers can sue creditors and collectors if they violate protections of the FDCPA. Some collection tactics include asking you for money, even after a bankruptcy “automatic stay” is in place.  When debt collectors call, leave messages, or mail material, it is helpful if you keep a log of these activities.  A persistent bill collector can become a real pain.  Until you are harassed by a debt collector, you may not realize that they get out of hand as often as they do.  In the process of debt collection, there are strict legal and ethical guidelines that must be followed.  If the agency trying to get money from you crosses the line, it’s your chance to take legal action against them. We hope to educate people about how to recognize illegal actions by creditors, as well as what your legal rights are as a consumer.  Stop collection calls and stop HarassmentEvery consumer has the right to sue a debt collector or collection agency for violating the FDCPA.  (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

Can a Debt Collector Sue Me?

Debt can follow you if it’s not paid or somehow resolved.  Therefore, a creditor, or debt collector, can absolutely sue a consumer who owes them money.  If a creditor wins judgment against you, it can be to garnish wages and can prevent you from owning or purchasing real estate. Banks have repossessed vehicles although the consumer was up to date in payments.  Filing bankruptcy can eliminate the liability of your judgement. Don’t think that it’s too late to file bankruptcy; you can do this at any stage.  Stop, or prevent creditors from taking your property or wages.  How can bankruptcy protect me?  Discuss bankruptcy with a Debt Advisors attorney if you’d like to learn more about that option.  Or, learn more about the damages you can collect in the FDCPA if you believe this is a better fit to your particular situation.

Get Money from Creditors

At Debt Advisors, we make debt collectors pay you! When a collection agency has violated the laws of the FDCPA, their actions are likely to have a negative impact on your life.  The result of their illegal actions may have caused you tangible harm, as well as physical harm such as lack of sleep, stress and anxiety.  If successful in proving your case, compensation for damages will be awarded.  The payout can be big, and well worth your time and effort.  (Up to $1,000 per each violation)

You Have the Right To Sue Creditors

Suing a debt collector will stop them from bothering you & potentially stop them from bothering other people in the future. These people who call, mail or leave messages to collect money from you, are referred to in a variety of ways.

      • Bill Collectors
      • Consumer Debt Recovery
      • Small Debt Collection
      • Credit Card Company

Key Laws that protect Wisconsin Consumers

Consumer Rights & Creditor Harassment Lawyer     

It is against the law for collectors to violate the protections of the FDCPA.  Get the help you need right now to stop harassment, and get compensation for it as well.  You have the right to sue a debt collector, creditor, or agency if they are harassing you.  This kind of behavior from a debt collector can cause emotional hardship such as stress and anxiety.  These things impact the consumer, as well as close family and friends.  Harassment constitutes bullying, and there is no room for it in our legal system which protects consumers.

Our goal is your goal, and that is to be successful in court. Consumer protections under the FDCPA will be reviewed carefully. Important steps must be taken to build your case against a creditor.  Learn more about the amount and type of damages you can collect. The sooner you contact us, the better we can build your case. And remember, if one of our creditor harassment attorney represents your case, those fees will be covered in the settlement. (Filing costs, deposition, transcripts, service fees, etc.)

Harassment Case Evaluation

A Debt Advisors credit harassment lawyer is happy to provide a free, no obligation, harassment case evaluation.  During this initial contact, you’ll get a handle on what steps to take next.  The Debt Advisors law firm has experience handling debt collector cases and submitting complaints with the CFPB.  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.) We help determine when to sue a creditor, as well as what kind of resolve or monetary settlement a  lawsuit may bring. Remember, if you decide to hire Debt Advisors to sue the collection agency, there are no upfront fees to worry about. When your case is settled, these costs will be taken care of.  Bottom line, you could end up with cash in your pocket for your trouble.

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