Free Backpack Giveaway Event; Helping Our Community

15 - Aug - 2018
Credit Card Debt

Debt Advisors Law Offices has teamed up over the years with Dorothy’s Outreach Ministry to provide free backpacks filled with pencils, notebooks, rulers, glue sticks and other school supplies to children in need.

Dorothy’s Outreach Ministry; Backpack Giveaway Event

Dorothy’s Outreach Ministry is a non-profit, local organization right here in Wisconsin who has made a difference in our local communities by supporting children and families in need. The ministry operates through both monetary donations and the donation of school supplies. All proceeds go directly back to children in our local communities.

Additional ways to find back to school savings

• Watch for end of summer sales, coupons, rebates and online-only deals
• Follow favorite stores on social media for additional savings
• Don’t be afraid to shop discount, consignment, grocery or second-hand stores
• Focus your savings on the biggest ticket items first
• Buy in bulk if there are several kids in the family
• Reuse items from previous year when possible

From Debt Advisors

Although there are cost savings opportunities to be found, some families still have difficulty buying even the most basic necessities. For this reason, our law firm supports the efforts of Dorothy’s Outreach Ministry as much as possible.

From all of us at Debt Advisors, we hope all kids in Southeastern Wisconsin have a great school year!

In line with our commitment to the community, our firm, Debt Advisors, actively participates in initiatives that make a real difference. For families facing financial challenges, navigating through options like the Chapter 128 Wisconsin bankruptcy can be daunting. Moreover, the burden of educational expenses, such as school supplies for Milwaukee children, can add to the stress. To address this, we’ve hosted events at our Mayfair North Tower location to aid these families. Additionally, we offer insights and services regarding relief for student loan debt in Wisconsin, ensuring our community has access to resources and support when they need it the most.

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