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Protect Yourself from Illegal Collection Agency Tactics

FDCPA, illegal debt collection, collection agency harassment, debt collector practices, debt collector problems, debt attorneyThere is a Federal law that we want to share with Wisconsin consumers called the “Fair Debt Collections Practices Act,” or “FDCPA.”  The Federal Trade Commission enforces the FDCPA. 

The main purpose of the law is to protect people just like you from illegal collection practices that some debt collectors may attempt.  It is important to get the facts about this law, to protect yourself, but also to know what to do if you have been violated.  If you find yourself in a situation whereby debt collectors are acting in an illegal manner, you have the right to file a claim.  Time to react is limited, so speak to a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. If you are unsure about whether or not to file a complaint, a Debt Advisors bankruptcy attorney can help.

Do You Have a Viable Case Against a Debt Collector?

Dealing with aggressive, rude creditors and their agents adds more unnecessary stress to your already stressful debt situation.  If you or someone you know is being harassed by debt collectors, it is important to know your rights. Debt Advisors Law Offices is a Wisconsin-based bankruptcy law firm that can help advice whether or not you may have a case against a debt collection agency or debt collector.

When a Collection Agency Violates Consumer Rights

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is very clear; you do not have to tolerate the outlined unlawful behaviors.  Violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, is a serious matter.  The facts and examples shared on this website represent a sample of consumer precautions, and protections that the FDCPA offers.

Here are some facts about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act:

  • The FDCPA governs unlawful debt collection in the form of mail, phone & email
  • The FDCPA prohibits a debt collector from contacting you at your place of work
  • The FDCPA prevents debt collectors from contacting your family members
  • The FDCPA determines when a creditor can or cannot contact you during a given day
  • The FDCPA states that threats to garnish wages, sue, imprison, or evict you are unlawful
  • The FDCPA prevents collectors from harassing, lying, or making derogatory statements to you
  • The FDCPA stops debt collectors from false representation and regulates what they can say
  • The FDCPA prevents debt collectors from adding fees or additional charges to your current debt

Obtain a Monetary Settlement from Creditor

If the FDCPC law is violated, you could be due compensation.  Debt attorneys at Debt Advisors Law Offices represent clients; regardless if bankruptcy has been filed in the past or not.  If a collection agency has failed to follow the guidelines outlined in the FDCPA, the team at Debt Advisors is ready to help.  Pulling together evidence against the creditor must be handled professionally to support a strong case.  Debt Advisors legally represents the consumer and sues the creditor until each case is monetarily resolved.  Our attorneys are familiar with the law and have helped many Wisconsin consumers just like you obtain a fair monetary settlement.

Do you have a Case against your Creditor?

The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices.  Find out if you may have a case by contacting Debt Advisors Law Offices at one of our six Wisconsin locations.  The way the law is setup, some or all of the lawyer fees may be covered.  Allow us to answer your questions by contacting us online and requesting a Free Case Evaluation.

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