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According to an August 2020 report from Credit Karma, medical debt has grown nearly 10% since 4Q 2019. COVID-19 medical bills contribute greatly to the increase. A quarter of that new debt is related to hospitalization, and to our elderly population who live on fixed incomes. Bankruptcy For Medical Debt Medical debt has long been…

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This year, largely due to COVID-19, scams are on the rise across the nation, including Wisconsin. The pandemic has put many people out of work, creating a new opportunity for scammers to pose as unemployment agencies, banks offering grants, or payday lenders. As consumers work hard to stay out of debt and contain the virus,…

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*We offer “virtual” bankruptcy solutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic* The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic is real. It’s good to know your options. Although it’s not recommended to make important decisions while in a highly emotional state, it may also be difficult to avoid. For example, financial hardships caused by COVID-19 may get worse,…

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