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The Truth About Bankruptcy

There are many negative stereotypes about bankruptcy that may prevent folks from seeking advice.  Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not complicated or scary if you have an experienced attorney on your side. Google reviews will support the fact that many Wisconsin residents have filed bankruptcy, and are grateful they did. Before wasting money on debt-relief services that may not work, seek the truth about bankruptcy. Contact Debt Advisors toll free at 888-222-5615 or fill out the “Start Right Here” form.

Bankruptcy Protections

Ultimately, bankruptcy is a helpful tool for millions of people. It offers powerful protections for consumers who struggle with debt. Protections involve issues associated with excessive debt. Prevent home foreclosure or repossession proceedings, stop creditor harassment or wage garnishments, and more.

Everyone deserves a chance for a fresh start. At Debt Advisors Law Offices, we pride ourselves in making the bankruptcy process easy. We have helped thousands of Wisconsin families eliminate debt completely!  Take advantage of our solid advice and expertise in this area.

Bankruptcy Types

There are two main types of consumer bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of them; commonly called “liquidation” bankruptcy. You’ll need to pass a “means test” to file Chapter 7. A bankruptcy attorney will coach you through this step. In addition, there are income levels and other requirements which need to be met in order to qualify for this type of bankruptcy. However, ch.7 bankruptcy is quick. Another wonderful thing about chapter 7 is that it will discharge most of your unsecured debt. This means that you could potentially eliminate all debt.

Chapter 13 is another common type of bankruptcy. This option is often referred to as “debt restructuring and repayment.” Your bankruptcy attorney will work with banks and other creditors for a repayment plan that is more reasonable. Over several years, you’ll pay back a portion of your debt. But, most people are surprised at how well Debt Advisors can work to bring down the debt to a more reasonable amount. These negotiations will end in a plan that clearly benefits you and your family. Wisconsin also has a debt consolidation bankruptcy alternative which is referred to as Wisconsin Chapter 128. This option is not federal bankruptcy; instead, it’s a program offered by the State of Wisconsin.

State & Federal Bankruptcy 
People who file for bankruptcy have tried to get out of debt unsuccessfully. They feel trapped by the enormous stress that excessive debts and bill collectors can bring. If you’re one of these people, we hope you’ll consider the bankruptcy process. Everyone deserves a chance for a fresh start. Reach out to us. Mistakes happen when folks try filing bankruptcy on their own. There are clear benefits in obtaining counsel from a Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney at Debt Advisors.

Bankruptcy can be filed at a state or federal level, depending upon which one best fits your situation. At Debt Advisors we are versed in Wisconsin Bankruptcy laws as well as federal bankruptcy laws. We provide effective and efficient bankruptcy advice and guidance every day. If there are alternative options that may benefit you, we’ll let you know what those are. It’s important to fully understand the truth about how bankruptcy can protect you so that you can eliminate debt for good. When you’re ready to move forward with bankruptcy, it’s important to us that you are feeling confident about that decision.

Take That First Step

The awakening is to realize there is a financial problem that is out of control. The difficult part is coming to own the mistakes or life situations that brought you to this point. Life happens, and sometimes it is unfair. People who seek bankruptcy advice and eventually file bankruptcy are not bad people. On the contrary, people who look for solutions to their problems are brave and honorable. Once you realize this, it should be easier to take that first step. Talk with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. At Debt Advisors we don’t push bankruptcy unless it is truly the best option to pursue.

Bankruptcy Process

Our focus at Debt Advisors is bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process.  While considering bankruptcy, there are many things your attorney will want to talk about and navigate through. It’s extremely important to be open and honest about your financial situation. When bankruptcy is the best resolution for your debt problems, we make the process as quick and painless as possible. Here are the first few actions that you can expect to happen at the beginning of the bankruptcy process:

    • You retain one of our attorneys to represent you
    • All of requested paperwork & documents have been received
    • There is a petition to declare bankruptcy filed by your attorney

Bankruptcy Services & Fees

The best advice is to hire an experienced attorney for the efficient and effective handling of a bankruptcy petition. You’ll find that hiring a Debt Advisors attorney is far more affordable than many other bankruptcy law firms. However, some clients still question how to afford bankruptcy services when they’re already overwhelmed with debt. That issues is resolved when they learn that we do everything in our power to work with the unique financial situation of every client. Payment plans, a “sliding fee scale,” and other creative ideas are available to cover our professional services.

Here’s our commitment about fees:

  • We keep our fees as low as possible.
  • Provide transparency & honesty about fees.
  • Help find creative ways to pay for services.
  • Ensure that you receive the financial relief that you and your family need.

Debt Advisors Law Offices

Debt Advisors Law Offices is a debt relief agency that files for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. To effectively represent clients in bankruptcy we are both effective litigators and negotiators. Our attorneys offer a very in-depth understanding of bankruptcy laws and an enormous amount of experience with the bankruptcy process. Take advantage of your free initial consultation. Myths and fears about bankruptcy that often prevent people from seeking debt-relief solutions are addressed upfront. Fees are discussed openly and guidance is detailed.

Reviews by Google Users

  • review rating 5  A few years ago I found myself drowning in debt, after doing some research I decided I would get some help in dealing with that debt, so I reached out to Debt Advisors Law Offices. I was scared, nervous, and embarrassed that I had gotten to this point but after my first meeting with Debt Advisors I knew I was making the right decision. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward. The best part was it was all on my time, I felt no pressure from them which was amazing. They were always available to answer my questions and help me through the process. A couple years after my case closed, I reached out to get some information and within that same day they responded to me and remembered me! Truly a wonderful firm to work with!

    thumb Weston Jones
  • review rating 5  Best place to relieve your debt. Debt Advisors offers a seamless process which is both worry and stress free. Flexible payment options and quick turn-around. The staff is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to deliver satisfaction!....Hands down Debt Advisors is the BEST!

    thumb Nina Ross
  • review rating 5  Greg and his staff are great! They made the whole process easy and made everything clear to understand. You don’t second guess nothing. They are with you every step of the way and if you have any questions they definitely have the answer for you.

    thumb Ethan Wemmer
  • review rating 5  Greg and Jeremy strategized the best timing for filing based on the variables changing throughout my divorce process. The team counciled me several times on the various benefits and potential risks while we navigated the best solution specific to my particular situation. I would fully recommend their expertise and their customized approach of how they manage their clients financial recovery.

    thumb Pringle Productions
  • review rating 5  These people are great! They have been so helpful and polite, even during my most stressful moments. I’m sure I got on their last nerve! But they remained courteous and helpful to the end!

    thumb Latasha Messer
  • review rating 5  Great firm to work with. Very helpful and considerate for the many questions I am sure they hear many times over.

    thumb Anonymous
  • review rating 5  Attorney Schomburg went above and beyond to help me through my bankruptcy. It is amazing to have worked with a man of such incredible integrity. Thank you!

    thumb Maggie Robertson
  • review rating 5  It was a positive and life changing experience working with Attorney Schomburg of Debt Advisors. He was professional, competent and non-judgmental.I commend Attorney Schomburg and Debt Advisors for providing Money Sharp's Credit Counseling Services.I walk away feeling confident, being educated and optimistic about my financial future.I

    thumb Donna King King
  • review rating 5  Attorney Georg has been a life saver for me. he has been the best lawyer, counselor, and friend he treats you like your apart of his family. I was going thru a divorce at the same time of the bankruptcy. He really cared about my mental health I really appreciate that. He was so loyal and committed to me and my case . I give him 100% he gave me 100%

    thumb Teresa Touchstone
  • review rating 5  I have worked with several people in the office and I have never felt looked down on or made to feel embarrassed about my situation. They really go above and beyond in truly caring about their clients. Not just as clients, but as people too. I've recommended several people here and will continue to do so. Professional, affordable and kind. What a great combination!

    thumb Catie Y

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