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Stop Debt & Live Debt Free

Debt Stoppers, Debt Advisors, Debt Eliminators, or Debt Busters; calls us what you want because our law firm is focused 100% on bankruptcy and has been since 2006.  Most importantly, we help clients just like you who struggle with finances to become debt free.

Debt Free Solutions

We provide REAL debt resolutions for clients, even for those who have experienced unfortunate debt scams involving “cash in advance” or false “debt consolidation” promises. Through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we provide enormous relief to the lives of people just like you who struggle with debt. Our methods of resolving debt are legal and effective. In many cases, we can eliminate your debt altogether.

You could be the next person to live debt free. Don’t just take our word for it. Read over a hundred reviews that our clients have shared on Google!

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First Steps toward Living Debt Free
If you have tried balancing your budget and paying off bills on your own, then it may be time to re-evaluate the situation.  Experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help. The first step is to admit there is a problem, but this is not as easy as it may seem. For some people, it takes years of struggle to get to this point.  Please don’t continue to  suffer while the bills continue to pile up.  You see, the longer excessive debt exists, the bigger the problem becomes.  Literally speaking; time is not on your side.  Find a trusted attorney that you feel comfortable with and take advantage of free legal advice because most law firms, including Debt Advisors Law Offices, offers one free consultation.

Trust the Bankruptcy Process
Trusting the bankruptcy process is important. This will come after all of your questions have been answered. After consulting with a bankruptcy attorney, you should already be feeling better about the future. Therefore, if you have determined that you may benefit from filing bankruptcy the next step is to determine which type of bankruptcy to file. Learn what bankruptcy can do for you.

Bankruptcy Can Solve Serious Debt Problems
The two types of bankruptcy available to you, they are Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. How each bankruptcy handles debt or eliminates debt is different. Can you imagine living debt free? It’s true! When filing a Ch. 7 bankruptcy, there is no repayment plan. Under this type of bankruptcy, you become debt free and it happens with the discharge!

Pay Back Less Through Chapter 13

Ch. 13 bankruptcy doesn’t eliminate debt the same way that Chapter 7 does, but for many, it’s an impressive option. Chapter 13  is for people who have enough regular income to pay back at least a portion of the debt load.  Chapter 13 is essentially a “debt reorganization” that comes with a more than reasonable payback plan. Because of the reorganization, the amount of debt you end up paying back will be far less than where you started. Hence, the best part is that the little debt that is left will be far more manageable than where you began.

Debt Advisor

Debt advice you can trust is right here! We have many convenient locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin including the Racine and Kenosha area near Illinois, Metro Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Our advice is fair and honest. We call you back, we answer questions, and we are professional. If bankruptcy is the right path to get rid of debt for your family, then you are in good hands with the attorneys and staff of our bankruptcy law firm.

So maybe you’re ready now to live debt free? Make an appointment today.  

Citizen Status and Bankruptcy

Persons who file bankruptcy are basically saying they have incurred a considerable amount of debt that they intended to pay for, but in good faith, have not been able to pay.  Accurding to Census Bureau studies and other statistics over the past several years, there are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. A good number of them are working and paying taxes. With over 790,000 bankruptcy cases were filed in 2016 alone, some cases are going to be assoicated with an illegal immigrant or other citizen status. Bankruptcy is a common solution to large debt problems. If you have not filed bankruptcy, you’re still likely to know or work with someone who has filed bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy is public record, many people have gone through the process without people in their inner-circles finding out.  They simply do what they need to do, and get on with their lives.


Immigration, Citizen Status and Bankruptcy

The democracy of the United States is to protect the rights of all individuals, not just the majority of individuals.  Therefore, bankruptcy does not discriminate against race, language, occupation or status of citizenship.  There is nothing in the bankruptcy code that eliminates illegal immigrants from filing.  Regardless of whether or not a person has legal or illegal immigrant status, anyone can look into the process of bankruptcy to eliminate debt.

How an illegal Immigrant Can File for Bankruptcy

If the illegal immigrant has come into the U.S. with a tourist visa, student visa or other type of visa, they may obtain a social security number that is still valid, even if they over-stay their visa.  Many illegal immigrants are employed in some way and pay taxes; sales, property and employment.  Temporary citizen status can quality for bankrutpcy. So, even without a social security number, taxes can be paid through obtaining a tax identification number from the IRS.  This number, a (ITIN) can be used in place of a social security number to prove identify in a bankruptcy petition.

Start an Honest Bankruptcy Process
Honesty is a two-way street.  Before filing bankruptcy, be prepared to be very honest because you never want a trustee to suspect fraud.  If the bankruptcy court suspects it, your case can be thrown out of court.  If fraud is proven, there are serious penalties.  First, shop around and chose a bankruptcy lawyer you can trust.  Then, return the sentiment by providing truthful information to your attorney.   More on Bankruptcy Fraud


Debt Relief Regardless of Citizen Status

Filing bankruptcy is intended to provide financial relief to those who are overwhelmed with debt, regardless of race, language, occupation or citizen status.  If you need assistance with the bankruptcy process in Wisconsin, contact Debt Advisors for a free initial consultation.  During this consultation, our attorneys will answer your questions and set your mind at ease.