School Supplies For Milwaukee Children

Debt Advisors Helps Milwaukee Community Children

Debt Advisors Bankruptcy is in the business of helping people who struggle with overwhelming debt. They speak with local people every day about the struggles associated with finances. The firm helps people get out of debt through filing bankruptcy chapter 7 or bankruptcy chapter 13. It is only fitting that Debt Advisors join in on the cause to help children whose families also struggle financially. Teaming up with Dorothy’s Outreach Ministry is one way to do this. The firm provides a monetary donations, items for the book bags and other support. The law firm is proud to be associated with the school supplies event, and the generous folks at Dorothy’s Outreach Ministries.

Non-Profit Events at Dorothy’s Outreach Ministries: The Backpack Giveaway for this year has expired. Don’t miss it next year!

Back To School Supplies Milwaukee

Back to school shopping is big business for stores but hard on the wallet for many Milwaukee area families. Basic school supplies can run $500 or more for each child in k-12. Putting aside this kind of investment is difficult or impossible to achieve. Unfortunately, tax-free weekends don’t happen every year in Wisconsin.  The 5% sales tax savings is a big deal, especially when purchasing clothing, technology, or basic supplies for more than one child. Some families turn to recycling, repurposing or reusing to make ends meet. Others may find some savings by purchasing pre-made school kits made by schools.

Bridging The Gap For Families In Need

To help bridge the gap for families in need, communities like Milwaukee pull together to offer assistance. One great example of this is Dorothy’s Outreach Ministries. The outreach Ministry is a non-profit, local program that operates through both monetary donations and the donation of school supplies. All proceeds go directly back to children of local communities. The ministry aims to help families who are really struggling. Each year,  Dorothy’s Ministry gives away hundreds of book bags filled with supplies. They also hand out thousands of bins of clothing and shoes are always in big demand. The goal each yeare is to gather more items for children. This goal can be achieved when local businesses get involved.



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