What Bankruptcy Will Do

The biggest surprise to most consumers is regarding all the things that bankruptcy will do. For example, bankruptcy can:

          • Offer short-term & long-term solutions
          • Stop creditor harassment
          • Refer all of your collection calls to our office
          • Save your home from foreclosure
          • Save your car from repossession
          • Completely eliminate debts: credit cards, medical bills, utilities bills, unsecured loans, payday loans & most other types of debt.
          • Allow you to keep most important assets
          • Turn your life around for the better
          • Begin with a free consult with an attorney
          • Get started with as little as $100 down

            Bankruptcy Quick Facts

            The first step towards understanding what bankruptcy can do, is to determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. Each type of bankruptcy has unique requirements and offerings:
            Quick Facts About Ch.7 Bankruptcy  
            Chapter seven is a liquidation bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 can eliminate debt almost completely. (i.e. credit card debts, installment loans, payday loans, medical bills and most other unsecured debts.) Once these major debts are eliminated, other debts like student loans can then be easily paid off. In most cases, consumers will keep all of their property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Credit can begin to rebuild after debt has been eliminated in chapter 7 bankruptcy.
            Quick Facts About Ch.13 Bankruptcy
            Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an interest-free repayment plan where you can repay your secured debts, like car payments and delinquent mortgage payments. You can use Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection to liquidate many of your debts, set up a reasonable debt repayment plan, and get a fresh financial start. Repayment plans are designed to work for you and your creditors.In order to file a Chapter 13 consolidation, . You must have a regular source of income, you must have enough money to meet your basic living expenses, and you must agree to the Chapter 13 plan payment.
            Each bankruptcy type offers something unique. In a nutshell, Chapter 7 eliminates consumer debt, whereas Chapter 13 restructures your debt through a manageable repayment plan over three to five years.  Laws are always changing and each person has a unique set of financial circumstances to consider into the equation. Your Debt Advisors bankruptcy attorney will need to ask some key questions about your financial history and current situation before a recommendation can be made.  As we review your financial situation, we will discuss bankruptcy protection and your personal property, and about how you can get off to a fresh start.

            First Step To Conquer Debt

            Many people think that contacting a bankruptcy lawyer is the last thing they should do. On the contrary,talking to us is the first thing you should do. Once you hire Debt Advisors, the power of bankruptcy protection means that you can begin to refer your creditors to our office. You can tell your creditors and debt collectors that you have hired an attorney, give them our phone number and tell them to call your attorney to confirm representation. Chad and Mike can advise you of your rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act. We are not just upfront about what bankruptcy will do, but we’re also going to let you know what bankruptcy will not do.

Reviews by Google Users

  • review rating 5  My experience with Debt Advisors was wonderful, Michael Georg and his staff are very respectful, helpful and knowledgeable about the steps that need to be taken in your case. My case was simple but challenging for me but they made sure that I didn’t panic and they were able to resolve my case in a very quick and timely manner. I appreciate the time and consideration that they took with my case. Would highly recommend

    thumb Bradley Harrison
  • review rating 5  Debt Advisors is a Top notch law firm!! I was an emotional mess. Lawyer Michael Georg was so compassionate & understanding. He reassured me everything was going to be okay. He explained everything step by step. The cost was very reasonable & he works with you! He's the Best!! The ladies in the office were very sweet, also! I couldn't have found a better place to take care of me. Totally put my mind at ease. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! You won't be disappointed!

    thumb Lauri Z
  • review rating 5  Excellent customer service and staff. Got back to me in a timely manner regarding any questions I had. Made filing bankruptcy easy and pain free.

    thumb Amanda Marie Holterman
  • review rating 5  I had an awesome experience with the entire team at Debt Advisors(D.A.). They made a very stressful and complicated situation very easy. When going into this I thought this process was going to be very long and stressful as I did not know what to fully expect. From my very first meeting to my last I had nothing but an easy and pleasant process. Every one was so knowledgeable and helpful! I could not have asked for a better team to assist me in my time of need. Sending a very big Thank you to all the staff at D.A. you guys are amazing.

    thumb Cecilia Brito
  • review rating 5  Debt Advisors Law Offices rock! I went into bankruptcy not knowing what to expect but Mr. Pietrek who represented me put my mind at ease. Mr. Pietrek answered all of my question in-person and on the phone. I never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed. The amount of money I had to pay was like half the amount I would have had to pay going through ay other firm. If for some reason I had to go through bankruptcy again there would be no one else I would use. Good people good prices great services.

    thumb CJ M
  • review rating 5  I am so grateful for the Debit Advisors in assisting me to get my life back on track. I have great respect for them. Debit Advisors has integrity! I was in a very difficult situation and they guided me through. They were honest with me about what I could and could not do, what is allowable and not allowable, they got bill collectors off my back and they replied back to me in a timely manner when I had questions. As long as I did my part in the process, they more than did their part.

    thumb Kathy Carter
  • review rating 5  Awesome experience! Helpful all the way through the process. Saved our lives.! Chad was great and everyone was so helpful.

    thumb michael sabel
  • review rating 5  Chad makes bankruptcy look and feel easy. He was very transparent, to the point, and comforting throughout the process. Any questions via email or call, were responded to in a beyond timely fashion. I would highly recommend working with Debt Advisors to get your fresh start.

    thumb Alexandria Jackson
  • review rating 5  The team at debt advisors are best. They help me with all my financial issues. Everything it took for me to get through my situation they were there from beginning to the end. I would recommend them to anyone that's in a financial situation. Give them a call

    thumb Demetrick Fleming
  • review rating 5  The team at debt advisors are best. They help me with all my financial issues. Everything it took for me to get through my situation they were there from beginning to the end. I would recommend them to anyone that's in a financial situation. Give them a call

    thumb Demetrick Fleming

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