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What Bankruptcy Will Do

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Many debts can be eliminated through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will take care of credit cards, medical bills, utilities bills, unsecured loans, pay day loans, and most other types of debt.  The first step towards understanding what bankruptcy will or can do, is to determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you.

In a nutshell, Chapter 7 eliminates consumer debt, whereas Chapter 13 restructures your debt through a manageable repayment plan over three to five years.  However, laws are always changing and each person has a unique set of financial circumstances to consider into the equation.

Your Debt Advisors bankruptcy attorney will need to ask some key questions about your financial history and current situation before a recommendation can be made.  As we review your financial situation, we will discuss bankruptcy protection and your personal property, and about how you ban get off to a fresh start.

Contact us to learn how efficiently we can help you turn things around.  We will talk about protecting your property — and how to protect assets such as your home from foreclosure.  At our free initial consultation, we will explain how you can begin your attorney-client relationship with a bankruptcy lawyer for as little as $100. We are more than willing to work with you on a payment plan to cover the rest of our attorneys’ fees.

Meanwhile, you can refer all of your collection calls to our office.


More About Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

Chapter seven is a liquidation bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 will typically eliminate:

  • credit card debt;
  • installment loans;
  • pay day loans;
  • medical bills, and most other unsecured debt.

In most cases, consumers will keep all of their property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an interest-free repayment plan where you can repay your secured debts, like car payments and delinquent mortgage payments. You can use Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection to liquidate many of your debts, set up a reasonable debt repayment plan, and get a fresh financial start. Mike and Chad can help you create a repayment plan that works for you and your creditors.

In order to file a Chapter 13 consolidation, you must meet a few basic requirements.

  • You must have a regular source of income;
  • You must have enough money to meet your basic living expenses and pay the Chapter 13 plan payment.

Once you hire Debt Advisors, the power of bankruptcy protection means that you can begin to refer your creditors to our office. You can tell your creditors and debt collectors that you have hired an attorney, give them our phone number and tell them to call your attorney to confirm representation. Chad and Mike can advise you of your rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act.

The hardest thing about starting the bankruptcy process is calling the attorney. Many people think that contacting a bankruptcy lawyer is the last thing they should do. On the contrary, talking to us is the first thing you should do . Contact one of our bankruptcy lawyers today at our Milwaukee, Madison, or Oshkosh offices to discuss how we can help you get your financial freedom back. Or, complete our secure online evaluation form, and an attorney will contact you at your convenience.

At Debt Advisors Bankruptcy Law Firm in Wisconsin, Attorneys Chad Schomburg and Mike Georg are dedicated to helping our clients get a fresh start when debt has become unmanageable.We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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It IS possible for you to keep Your House, Car, Retirement and Other Property & Still Get Out From Under The Mountain of Debt You’re Facing

Most likely, you’ve landed on this site because something unexpected happened that has sent your finances spiraling out of control, or . . .Maybe you’ve made some financial decisions you regret. Either way, in order to move forward you need to know that financial problems do not make you a bad person. You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed that you need help.Everyone makes mistakes and unexpected things happen. Really.

The GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to wallow in your difficult situation or suffer from it forever. You can do something about it. In fact, I have helped thousands of Wisconsin residents in your particular predicament get a fresh financial start and I’m confident I can help you too.

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