Stop Creditor Harassment in Madison

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As dedicated bankruptcy lawyers, we take no greater pleasure in our jobs than when we are able to help our clients regain some sense of normalcy in their lives. There may be no better example than the immediate gratification people get as soon as they file for bankruptcy. What do they get? Their peace of mind back.

Once you file for bankruptcy, creditors and lenders are forbidden from continuing any further collection activity. So you don’t get any more harassing phone calls and no more threatening letters. You will no longer have to worry about who is on the other end of the line when your phone rings or what you are going to find when you pick up the mail.

Stop Creditor Harassment in Madison

At Debt Advisors, S.C., our entire practice is focused on helping people get a fresh financial start. When you are facing financial difficulty, it can impact every area of your life. It is our goal to help you unload that burden and get back to living your life. We have helped thousands of clients throughout Wisconsin get back on the right financial path through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

At any time during your bankruptcy, if you run into creditors who refuse to honor the automatic stay, refer them to our office and we will take care of everything. We will explain that we are handling your bankruptcy proceeding and that any questions about your debts should come to us.

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Contact us at Debt Advisors and schedule a free initial consultation at our Madison office, or at one of our other five Wisconsin locations, including Milwaukee, to learn more about how to stop harassing phone calls from creditors. Either send us an e-mail or call us toll free at 888-222-5615 to get started.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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