Bankruptcy Attorney

Before You File Bankruptcy on Your Own

Making the mistake of filing the wrong bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy documents incorrectly, missing information, or failing to meet important deadlines can be like walking off a cliff blindfolded.  If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, you’re already in a desperate financial situation.  Avoid taking the unnecessary risks that filing bankruptcy on your own can bring. About Bankruptcy

Ins and Outs of Debt Collection and Consumer Rights

Millions of Americans are contacted by debt collectors each year.  State and federal agencies are receiving more complaints about unfair or deceptive practices than any other part of the consumer financial system.  When Accumulation of Debt Becomes Problematic Families with children under eighteen, those without health insurance, and those that have experienced more than two

Consumer money scam targets bankruptcy filers

Predators target millions of people every year through fraudulent behavior and scams that intend to steal money from innocent people.  Unfortunately, many scams target the vulnerable in society, such as the elderly or financially burdened.  Some scams are so slick that they are able to fool even the most intelligent, on-guard, and cautious person.  Internet

New Garnishment Rules Aim To Protect Social Security Benefits

On behalf of Debt Advisors, S.C. What is Wage Garnishment? Wage garnishment is a legal remedy that allows a creditor to take money directly from a bank account or you paycheck. If the creditor sues you to collect a debt and wins a court judgment against you, the creditor can ask the court for an