Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Kenosha Wisconsin is a small town in Southeastern Wisconsin with a population of just under 100,000 residents. The town sits beside the Southwestern shores of Lake Michigan, sharing beautiful beaches, bike paths, walking space and neighbors with Racine Wisconsin.  The side of Kenosha near the freeway is booming with new business leading the city to expand towards the West.  Surrounded by little rural towns, only the small village of Pleasant Prairie lies between Kenosha and the border of Illinois to the South.

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Kenosha Living on a Budget

The Median household income and home value is slightly lower than Wisconsin average but Kenosha County has a great Park System, universities, colleges, a variety of unique restaurants, breweries, and family-friendly attractions.  There is a lot to do in Kenosha, and compared to larger cities in WI, a fairly cheap place to live. Many folks think that Kenosha is part of the greater Milwaukee Metropolitan, but census data provided by residents indicates otherwise; most people who live here commute by vehicle to Chicago, Illinois.

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 Transportation in Kenosha

Kenosha is also home to electric streetcars that travel a 2-mile scenic loop that lands at the downtown Metra train station.  (The Chicago Metra will take you close to downtown Chicago.)  Although travel to Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin is convenient, commuting this distance every day can be a financial burden.  It is important to include travel expenses when balancing monthly expenses.  Free Monthly Expenses Budget Worksheet Download.

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Kenosha Bankruptcy Lawyers   

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