Timing of Bankruptcy Saves Home & Car

When you file bankruptcy matters to the outcome of your case. Determining the best time to file bankruptcy is a big decision. One of the benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney, is that the bankruptcy attorneys can guide you towards the timing which will have the best outcome. Don’t let a problematic financial situation sit. If you wait too long to file bankruptcy there are more risks. The sooner you can get advice from a bankruptcy professional, the better off you will be.

Timing of Filing Bankruptcy Matters

When it comes to bankruptcy, timing is everything. Depending upon which bankruptcy has been filed previously, there’s a certain waiting period to follow.  Even if this is your first bankruptcy, there are many other different factors that play a role in this decision. Some folks may benefit by filing bankruptcy early in the year; others may wait until later in the year. Many have decided to file bankruptcy after tax returns have been received. A couple may want to file bankruptcy before a divorce is final. If you have a pending home foreclosure bankruptcy can save your home. In any situation, it’s important to seek legal advice right away.

Help During Desperate Situation

A Wisconsin resident called Debt Advisors at the last hour of losing their home. During the initial bankruptcy consultation, the homeowner shares important details about their desperate situation.  Debt Advisors attorneys and their bankruptcy team act quickly. Against the clock, a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition was filed. It immediately put a stop to the advancement of the foreclosure process. Less than 24 hours of the real estate taxing authority taking title of the client’s home, quick action saved it. Had this all taken place just one day later the home would be lost.

Quick Action Pays Off

Over the years Debt Advisors Law Offices has retrieved thousands of vehicles back to their owner. Given the right circumstances, lenders won’t hesitate to repossess the vehicle.  Don’t wait too long to try and negotiate with the creditor. Don’t run from the payments because they will eventually catch up. A petition to file bankruptcy must be done within 15 days of the repo. This was the case for a recent client who called Debt Advisors for help. The vehicle was taken by the lender due to loan payment default. The client didn’t fully realize the severity of the situation until the vehicle was gone. Desperate to get it back, a bankruptcy petition was filed about 10 days later. Just in time to return the car to the owner.

Need Help With Bankruptcy?

The experience and guidance offered by a Debt Advisors bankruptcy attorney is just a call away. If your in a time-sensitive situation, you should act quickly. Every state including has its own laws about home foreclosure, vehicle repossession and bankruptcy. Attorneys at Debt Advisors Law Offices are familiar with Wisconsin laws and experienced in helping people in your situation. When it’s down to the wire, the call you make to Debt Advisors Law Offices may be the single action that saves the day. Fill out the form on this website or call toll free at 888-660-5413 to make an appointment. Property and other assets will be discussed. If you have substantial debts coming up soon, they are a consideration as well. All options will be evaluated to determine the timing that will have the best outcome.

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