Wage Garnishments: Can They Still Do Them?

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Wage garnishments are a legal remedy whereby a portion of your paycheck is withheld for payment of debt. Often through a court order, a creditor can legally take money from your paycheck to pay off a debt owed to them. If you’re receiving benefits such as stimulus checks, unemployment, or social security, this money is

WI Medical Bills Laywer

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Medical expenses are the leading cause of debt in our country. Due to COVID-19, medical debt is growing faster and bigger. As of 2022, one in every three U.S. adults has medical debt. For many of these folks, medical bills are a larger source of debt than credit cards, utilities, and car loans combined. Bankruptcy

Wisconsin Money Scams Alert

This year, largely due to COVID-19, scams are on the rise across the nation, including Wisconsin. The pandemic has put many people out of work, creating a new opportunity for scammers to pose as unemployment agencies, banks offering grants, or payday lenders. As consumers work hard to stay out of debt and contain the virus,