Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer

Is Bankruptcy the Best Option for Me?

Most people do not consider bankruptcy the best option-at first. But for many in Wisconsin, the debt elimination offered by Chapter 7 or the structured repayment plans offered by Chapter 13 can be a real life-saver. Even if you’re scared of bankruptcy due to old stereotypes, it’s good practice to get advice from the experts.

Changes Coming to Mortgages?

In a troubled economy, banks are finding that an increasing number of homeowners are unable to meet their mortgage payments. Unemployment remains high, and those that have jobs may have seen their standard of living decrease dramatically. Loans that used to be available easily to borrowers are now more difficult to obtain. Home sales have

Hardest Hit Fund Expands, Still Seeking to Keep Homeowners Afloat

In February 2010, President Obama announced the “Hardest Hit Fund,” intended to provide assistance for homeowners in the states most affected by the downturn of the housing market and the recession. Under the program, $1.5 billion was initially allocated for innovative measures to help keep people in their homes, thereby preventing foreclosure and increasing the

Will the Build America Bonds Push Cities into Bankruptcy?

Update: “Build America Bonds” ended in 2010. The discussion has come up again as part of the 2021 debate over financing and increased federal infrastructure spending.  Build America Bonds Build America Bonds were created in 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The federal government offered state and local issuers a 35

Options for College Graduates Drowning in Student-Loan Debt

The number of college graduates with student-loan debt is increasing dramatically. The Project on Student Debt, a nonprofit research and advocacy organization, estimates that the number of college graduates with student-loan debt has increased by nine times since 1996. According to the College Board’s Trends in Student Aid study, the median debt amount for bachelor’s-degree