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Protect Your Stimulus Money

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Bill collectors and banks can seize your stimulus money to pay for outstanding debts. Filing bankruptcy can protect your stimulus money, your home, and other important assets during these difficult times. COVID-19 has already placed some extraordinary financial hardships on people. Job loss and unemployment have reached record numbers in Wisconsin. Therefore, protecting your stimulus

The Gift Of Living Debt Free

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Personal bankruptcy otherwise called “consumer bankruptcy,” may not be on any holiday wish list this season. But, why not give yourself the gift of living”debt free?” It may be something to consider. If you’re already consumed by debt, holiday spending will make an already bad financial situation more complicated and burdensome. Instead of stressing about

How to ensure your online shopping is safe & secure

There are security threats when shopping online and serious debt troubles that could follow. So, how do you know an online site is safe? Reputable retailers and banks will NOT allow pop-ups advertising phony products or services. There are several other things you can look for. The most simple step is to ensure that the