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  Addressing Bankruptcy Cons Bankruptcy is a tool that helps solve serious debt problems. It’s designed for those who are drowning in excessive debt. If you have never been in this position, it may be difficult to see the true benefits that follow a bankruptcy discharge. If you have experienced the pains of living beneath…

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Some People Avoid Bankruptcy There may be legitimate reasons to avoid bankruptcy.  However, many people each year hire a bankruptcy attorney to resolve and eliminate their overwhelming debt. Those clients often express the relief they feel in knowing that their debt will be handled as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, we’re not going to…

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Tax Payer Refunds at Tax Season Soon the holidays will be over and tax season will be staring us in the face.  The average tax refund in the United States is around $3,000, but not every tax payer will receive a refund.  Many people will procrastinate preparing taxes because they fear how much money they…

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