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Filing Bankruptcy Can Be Scary

Filing Bankruptcy Big Step


If bankruptcy has crossed your mind as a resolution to your serious financial issues, don’t feel badly if it makes you a little scared! For a very long time the word bankruptcy has had a negative vibe to it.  Much of this is due to false stereotypes, horror stories, or rumors from people who have not really experienced it.The truth of the matter is that filing bankruptcy doesn’t have to be terrifying.  It is a big step, however serious debt problems are going to require some action or they will only get worse. If Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is truly fitting to resolve your personal financial situation, then it can be a huge relief and fresh start. Here’s what you can do to calm those nerves…

Hire a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Not only should you look for a local bankruptcy attorney who is convenient for you, but also one who has all of the qualifications.  For example, Debt Advisors Law Offices has been 100% dedicated to bankruptcy cases for nearly twenty years. Finding a bankruptcy attorney who has that kind of experience is the key.  Do some quick research online. Example: Look at the firms online reviews and find out what others are saying about their experiences. Once you have found an attorney who can provide solid debt advice, you’ll be far more comfortable with the process.

Request a bankruptcy consultation with Debt Advisors

Coming Out of the Dark

Don’t be scared that your bankruptcy decision may be revealed. It is true that bankruptcy cases are public record. Putting that fact in perspective is important. Unless you’re a high-profile public figure, your bankruptcy case is not going to be newsworthy.

If you’re truly in desperate financial situation, the people closest to you probably already know. The non-stop irritation of bill collectors and the negative weight that financial debt has on a family is crushing. What matters the most is that you take the brave step towards obtaining a resolution. Bankruptcy can eliminate debt, stop those harassing phone calls, and provide your family a sense of peace.

Learn More About Bankruptcy

Don’t fear what you’re going to lose until you hear what is to be gained. For example, only a very small percentage of bankruptcy cases require debtors to turn over property to a bankruptcy trustee. You can buy a home, purchase a car, and improve your credit after bankruptcy. For many folks, these things happen even sooner than what they thought. Just because bankruptcy stays on your credit bureau report for many years doesn’t mean that you’ll be financially chained for that period of time. There are plenty of lenders out there that work with people who have recently filed bankruptcy. Once you’re debt-free your resources open up. Often times, this new financial situation will encourage lenders to reach out to you. As soon as you start to build your credit score, credit rates will decline as well.

Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

What to Expect from Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to family or friends about your debt problem, you’re not alone. Many people who are considering bankruptcy have already tried to fix the problem on their own. The feeling of failure is as overwhelming as the debt itself.

At Debt Advisors, the attorneys don’t want you to feel like a failure. Desperate financial times are often a result of events which were unavoidable from the beginning. The attorneys understand your situation and ARE the people you can talk to without judgement during  your free consultation.  Given that understanding, feel proud that you have recognized the seriousness of the situation and reached out to find someone who CAN help. So, now that you have found Debt Advisors, you may wonder what to expect in your free initial consultation with an attorney. Have your questions ready.

Here are a few items that are commonly discussed during the free bankruptcy consultation:

Is bankruptcy right for me? There are many factors to consider. The attorney will be able to gather a decent amount of information about the details of your financial situation. You should receive solid guidance about potential choices, such as chapter 7 or chapter 13….pros vs cons, and what steps should be taken next. This call should provide you with lots of good advice.

Do I qualify for bankruptcy? After your initial consultation, and if you are interested in moving forward, your attorney will ask you to provide more detailed financial information including the completion of a bankruptcy means test. The test will determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even if you think you make too much money your expenses may be high enough to qualify.

How much does bankruptcy cost? Debt Advisors Law Offices has represented thousands in Wisconsin fairly and responsibly. Online reviews are a good indicator regarding client satisfaction. During the free consultation, your attorney will explain fees and discuss easy payment options.

You’re likely to have lots of questions and the attorneys will as well. Be prepared for the call before you request it by gathering financial data and understanding basic bankruptcy terms.

Take a look at Debt Advisors online Google reviews and customer testimonials from real people…just like you. We hope that you find our website informative and your first call with us encouraging. Also note our professional licensing, time in business, social profiles, resources and six Wisconsin locations to serve you! Debt Advisors is a practice dedicated to bankruptcy and focused on providing each and every client with the fresh start that they deserve.