Kenosha Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are struggling to manage mortgage payments, car loans and other debts while you are being harassed by creditors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt reorganization that

Kenosha Debt Relief Agency

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code for people in the area of Kenosha Wisconsin.

At Debt Advisors, we will work with you to determine the best option for financial goals and to guide you through the process in a manner that is as easy as possible. We will help you keep your house and other property, become current on your payments, stop collection tactics and get a fresh start to your financial future in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha or elsewhere in Wisconsin.

Racine & Kenosha Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Our firm can help you create a debt repayment plan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy that will protect you from foreclosure, repossession and creditor harassment. While paying off your debts during the bankruptcy process, you will also be free of interest and finance charges, which could reduce your debts significantly.

Likewise, it may be easier to keep your home, car and other property in Chapter 13 bankruptcy than in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our firm will work with you personally to explore all of your options and to choose the path that is right for your individual situation. If you have questions, we will answer those in a manner that is honest and forthright.

Learn More Information About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Kenosha

At Debt Advisors in Kenosha, we can provide a free quote over the phone and a free initial consultation to discuss your issues with us in person. If you want to learn more about how the bankruptcy code can help all you need to do is contact an attorney at one of our six Wisconsin offices, including Racine & Kenosha, by e-mail or by calling toll free at 888-222-5615.


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