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Debt Advisors is voted the best Milwaukee bankruptcy law firm to file Chapter 13. Learn more about Debt Advisors and how you may be eligible to file for Ch.13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 can be filed under the Wisconsin bankruptcy code or the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. If you qualify, rest assured that we don’t turn people away due to money. For those who desperately need our legal counsel and bankruptcy expertise to get out of serious debt- we are here for you.

What Chapter 13 Can Do

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a “wage-earners” plan which is sometimes a valid option for those who wish to regain control of finances and find a fresh new start.  It’s one of a few debt-relief legal options available in Wisconsin. The way that Chapter 13 works, is that it allows for some debts to be resolved, while others are placed on a reasonable repayment plan.  The below items are a brief explanation regarding the benefits of filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Wisconsin.

Restructure Debt:  Chapter 13 is a legal document that includes a “debt restructuring plan”to consolidate and pay back creditors.

Develop an Affordable Repayment Plan: Most debts are restructured over a three to five year period. Payments are affordable according to your personal situation.

Stop Legal Actions Against You: When Chapter 13 is filed, it automatically enacts the “automatic stay” which prevents lawsuits, stops collection agencies, and prevents things like foreclosure or eviction.

Protect Assets: In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’re allowed to protect certain assets using either state or federal exemptions.

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We understand how excessive debt can become a terrible nightmare. If you’re at a dead end, don’t simply ignore the problem because it will likely get worse.  Also, don’t beat yourself up over it!  LIFE happens. Sometimes we’re dished out more than we can handle, and more than we can afford. When you’re ready to regain control over your financial future, reach out to  Debt Advisors. During your free initial consultation, you’ll receive some much-needed advice and direction. If Chapter 13 is the right solution, then you’ll find everything you need to file, right here at Debt Advisors.

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Financial Relief In Wisconsin

Filing bankruptcy is a legal option used by many Wisconsin folks who want to gain control over their finances. To obtain relief from your financial burdens, talk to an an experienced bankruptcy professional who understands your situation and can offer real solutions…right now. We’re good listeners. Once we understand your unique situation, we develop a swift plan of action. During counsel, we will explain the bankruptcy process so you know exactly what to expect. Below you’ll find some additional resources so that you can learn more about Wisconsin Bankruptcy.

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    Our attorneys make the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process affordable and effective. Those that have filed Chapter 13 with Debt Advisors have nearly all positive experiences. See if you share similar circumstances with Wisconsinintes who have already filed.

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