Challenging Errors on Your Credit Report

Three companies, Equifax, Trans Union and Experian, monitor individual credit, and a 2004 study revealed that a quarter of all reports had errors that could lead to a credit denial. Experts suggest obtaining your individual report from all three agencies before you apply for credit, especially if you are in financial hardship.

Copy Of Credit Report

Consumers are allowed one free copy of their report each year (, and if you find an error, the Fair Credit Reporting Act stipulates that an individual can challenge what he or she believes is false information. The Federal Trade Commission suggests that when you discover an error, notify the credit agency in writing of the inaccuracy and include copies of documents that verify your dispute. Send the letter by certified mail and wait 30 days for a reply. There is no charge to challenge your report, and if you are right, the false information should be removed, which will often improve your credit score and could help you out of your financial difficulties.

Recover From Financial Hardship

If you encounter difficulties correcting an inaccuracy in your credit report or have questions regarding what options may be the best for you, speak to an attorney knowledgeable in debt related issues. Financial difficulties can be stressful and complex to navigate on your own. With the assistance of a lawyer, you can learn more about your options for relief from debt and help get yourself back on the road to recovery.  Sue a collection agency or debt collector that violates the law.

Credit Report A Mess? You Are Not Alone

Each year millions of Americans fall into financial hardship. Whether it’s a global pandemic, the loss of a job, increased bills, or debts from related emergencies, financial hardship creates stress and can affect your life for years to come. Trying to dig your way out can sometimes be impossible. If you have fallen into financial hardship, don’t let the options become daunting or confusing. Start here to recover from debt and begin to regain credit.

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