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02 - May - 2017
Credit Card Debt

Desperate financial times, especially those due to COVID-19, are often unavoidable. We don’t want you to feel like a failure. We aim to provide to you the most effective and efficient information towards becoming debt free. If your path could be bankruptcy, we will let you know during your consult. If our bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy services aren’t a good fit for your situation, we will also advise accordingly. Either way, your free consult will provide clear direction regarding options and potential next best steps to take.

Questions During Bankruptcy Consult

Many people who are considering bankruptcy have tried to fix the debt problems. Either than has been little progress, or debt has become even worse over time. We understand that the feeling of failure is as overwhelming as the debt itself. You’re likely to have lots of questions and the attorneys will as well. Here are a few items that are commonly discussed during the free bankruptcy consultation:

Is bankruptcy right for me? There are many factors to consider. The attorney will be able to gather a decent amount of information about the details of your financial situation. You should receive solid guidance about potential choices, such as chapter 7 or chapter 13….pros vs cons, and what steps should be taken next. If nothing else, this call will leave you with lots of good advice.

Do I qualify for bankruptcy? After your initial consultation, and if you are interested in moving forward, your attorney will ask you to provide more detailed financial information including the completion of a bankruptcy means test. The test will determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even if you think you make too much money your expenses may be high enough to qualify.

How much does bankruptcy cost? Start the bankruptcy process for as little as $100. Debt Advisors Law Offices has represented thousands in Wisconsin fairly and responsibly. We do not price gouge our services. Online reviews are a good indicator regarding client satisfaction. During the free consultation, your attorney will further explain fees and discuss easy payment options if applicable.

• Do you offer Non-Bankruptcy Services? We are also offer  non-bankruptcy options. For example, Wisconsin chapter 128 is an option we may pursue for those who may not qualify or benefit from bankruptcy. In addition, we offer a credit building service called “720 Credit Score Program” and we help consumers sue creditors or bill collectors who break the law while attempting to collect from you.

Free Advice From Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy is a complicated legal process that can impact your future for better or for worse, depending on who handles your case. For that reason, we never recommend filing on your own or hiring an agency that isn’t focused on bankruptcy according to the bankruptcy code. At Debt Advisors, we take your free bankruptcy consult to a higher level. From your first contact with us, and even after your debt problems are resolved, we are dedicated to client success. We are experts & hold the title, “Best Bankruptcy Law Firm.” Read Debt Advisors Google reviews for real-life customer testimonials.

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