Wisconsin Consumer Act  Protects You

The topic of protecting consumers after filing bankruptcy is so important that we dedicate an entire page to it.  Here’s what you need to know…

After Bankruptcy; Wisconsin Consumer Act

Could you get calls from creditor’s right after bankruptcy?  Occasionally, this does happen.  If it happens to you, The Wisconsin Consumer Act is there to protect from further harassment.  Whether bankruptcy has been filed, or you are considering bankruptcy to eliminate debt; find additional piece of mind in knowing that the Wisconsin Consumer Act will continue to protect you long after the process is over.

What Is The Wisconsin Consumer Act?

The Wisconsin Consumer Act is a state law that regulates consumer credit transactions between with merchants and creditors specifically in the state of Wisconsin.  Consumer protection laws such as the WI Consumer Act are regulations that focus on the protection of consumer rights.  They also help consumers make informative choices and assist with complaints where there is justifiable legal reasons to do so.

Why Would I Get Calls After Debts Have Discharged?
When your bankruptcy process is complete, the creditors noted on your petition will get a notice of this.  As long as all of your creditors were listed within your bankruptcy petition, you should not hear from them again unless there is some sort of human error on their part, such as an incorrectly typed social security number, name misspelling, (or, if the creditor was not listed on your petition).

The Wisconsin Consumer Act Prohibits Illegal Collection Practices

Although it is not common, some creditors or dishonest collection agencies may attempt to collect when they are aware that debts have been discharged in bankruptcy.  They attempt to collect through threats and harassing phone calls that ask you to make a payment over the phone.  You could remind them that you had filed a bankruptcy petition, but ideally, they should be held accountable for their actions.  If a business violates the provisions of the WI Consumer Act, you aught to report them right away.  Talk to your Debt Advisors attorney because we can determine your best options.

Most Important Thing to Remember About WI Consumer Act
Remember that you will never be asked to pay debts that have been discharged in your bankruptcy.  If you are receiving such calls, don’t be intimidated, and don’t pay them.  Instead, call your Debt Advisors attorney.

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There have been a good number of laws passed in the last fifty years, such as the WI Consumer Act, that are intended to protect consumers.  We understand that the laws can overlap; they can be complex and difficult to understand in layman’s terms.  When you call our law firm, we’ll happily answer all of your questions about bankruptcy, consumer credit transactions, The Wisconsin Consumer Act, and illegal collection practices.

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