Serious Debt Problem; Do This, Not That

Bad things happen to good people. Not all money related problems are related to bad budgeting or overspending. As a matter of fact, there are money challenges throughout life: Job loss, income reduction, divorce, healthcare expenses, etc. People can often overcome these situations through their willingness to make changes and perseverance. To regain control of finances, some people do well to develop a budget and sticking to it. Others may search for a new job or start a new career path to make ends meet. Sheer willpower can go far. But, what happens when the financial problems are too complex? Obligations too large? What happens when the problem is too overwhelming and there is no end in sight?

When Debt Reaches Concerning Level

When debt becomes really serious, you will be the first to suspect it. It usually starts with getting “a little behind” paying bills. Maybe only the minimum credit card payments are made each month. You spend more than you earn. The stress of bills impacts your personal life. Savings accounts are slim, or non-existent. You find yourself borrowing money to pay off bills. Creditors start to call, and there is concern that you may lose your home, car, tax returns, or wages. When debt increases to these levels, the risks involved become very concerning. Time is not on your side. It’s important to do the right thing, right now.

Get Financial Advice From A Legitimate Source

The most difficult task is finding a professional service that is legitimate. Debt Advisors is a Wisconsin-based law firm. Our attorneys have helped thousands of people in Wisconsin file bankruptcy under the federal code. We always start with a free consultation. During our initial conversation, we listen carefully to your problem. What comes next is good advice that you can trust. No matter what other companies may claim, only Chapter 7 bankruptcy has the power to eliminate debt. Chapter 13 is available for those who may not qualify for Chapter 7. Wisconsin Chapter 128 is a non-bankruptcy option for some folks. However, these debt solutions are only available through a law firm like ours that handles bankruptcy. Need more convincing? Our Google Maps business listing displays hundreds of reviews from real clients. Reading the reviews seems to help new clients build trust, even before contacting us.

Don’t Fall For Scammers With Empty Promises

Sadly, there are many companies that have no problem taking your money and making a financial situation even worse. Don’t fall for it. This is the last thing you need, so please be cautious. If a company claims they can eliminate your debt, this is simply not true. If a debt relief company wants money up front to “settle” your debt- be cautious. According to the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC), these are common scammer tactics. Furthermore, if the company advises you to ignore creditors, be aware that your silence will only make things worse. This is because creditors are  under no obligation to reduce or waive debt. While you are thinking that a company is taking care of you, they may be taking advantage of you. Unpaid debts will accrue interest, penalties and wreak havoc on your credit score.

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