Reputable Bankruptcy Info

Reputable Bankruptcy Info
01 - Dec - 2019
Credit Card Debt

Offering clients reputable bankruptcy information is just one reason why Debt Advisors is consistently voted “best bankruptcy law firm.”  For fifteen years, partner/owners Attorney Chad Schomburg and Attorney Michael Georg have focused their firm 100% on consumer bankruptcy in Wisconsin. They exceed client expectations; providing honesty and experience at every touch point of communication and representation. The law firm’s reputation is nicely demonstrated by a tremendous number of client testimonials that can be found on Google as well as the firm’s website.

Bankruptcy Info From The Experts

The top five articles below address questions commonly asked by new clients. The articles have been published by Debt Advisors Law Offices; Milwaukee’s Best Bankruptcy Law Firm.

First Hand Legal Advice

In every case, getting first-hand legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney is your best bet for obtaining the most reputable bankruptcy information. Like Debt Advisors, most law firms offer a free initial consultation. By taking advantage of this offer, you have an opportunity to get facts from the most reliable source of information; a bankruptcy attorney. However, we do understand that during the bankruptcy research phase, clients spend a lot of time reading articles on the internet. Because bankruptcy often gets a bad rap, The Flip Side of Bankruptcy Stereotypes provides a slightly different viewpoint which directly addresses bankruptcy stereotypes.

Is There a Good Time To File Bankruptcy?

With the holidays and tax season approaching timing related questions are asked more frequently. So, is there an advantageous “opportune” time to file bankruptcy? The quick answer is “yes.” Precise timing may keep more money in your pocket, or save your home. If your car has been repossessed, you may be able to get it back. At the same time, it’s never a good idea to rack up credit cards before filing. The Timing of Bankruptcy Saves Home and Car article directly addresses this topic. For the most accurate bankruptcy info about your specific situation, a reputable bankruptcy attorney is the best option.

How Do Bankruptcy Exemptions Work?

If you’re considering bankruptcy, then understanding how exemptions work is going to be critical. Basically, exemptions protect your property during bankruptcy. Exemptions will vary depending upon the type of bankruptcy that you qualify for. In addition, exemptions will differ depending upon whether or not you file using the federal or state bankruptcy process. Some key decisions will need to be made upfront. The article Protect Your Property in Bankruptcy outlines these points. However, a bankruptcy professional is the best opportunity to ensure you maximize exemptions to keep the property and assets most important to you.

Can Bankruptcy Help with Student Debt?

Questions and concerns pertaining to student loan debts are hot topics. People want to know, “can bankruptcy directly address student loans by themselves?” The simple answer is, “No.” In bankruptcy, student loan debt is treated differently than other unsecured debts. Nonetheless, there are other methods to get out of student loan debt. If you’re in serious financial trouble, and student loans represent a portion of that debt, bankruptcy should be investigated. A reputable bankruptcy lawyer will be familiar with how to utilize tools like Chapter 13 to clear up student loan debt. How does it work? Read the article The Problem with Student Loan Debt to obtain bankruptcy info on this topic.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

In any type of transaction for goods or services, you have the right to know what costs are involved. Especially relating to bankruptcy services, don’t rely on ads or other internet quotes because they become outdated quickly. In a nutshell, bankruptcy lawyers will expect a small retainer fee. From there, the costs association with bankruptcy may differ slightly based upon your particular situation, and by how the law firm bills for services. This will either be by the hour, or by flat rate per case, or a combination of the two. Finding the best attorney is going to involve costs as much as reputation and experience comparisons. Learn more about this topic by reading “How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Importance of Direct Legal Advice
Although these informative bankruptcy articles aid in discovery and research, they are not intended to take the place of direct legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney. Take advantage of the free legal advice, and stick with reputable law firms whose focus is 100% bankruptcy. This way, you’ll know that the bankruptcy info you have obtained is professionally based.

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