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28 - Mar - 2014
Credit Card Debt

Becoming known as  the”best bankruptcy law firm” was always a goal, although it didn’t happen overnight. Attorney Georg and Attorney Schomburg opened the doors to Debt Advisors Law Offices back in 2006. The headquarters location was chosen to service Milwaukee Wisconsin. The two were able to recognize the need for honest, compassionate, affordable and expert bankruptcy attorneys in Southeastern Wisconsin. Attorney Schomburg comments, “We have always been very sensitive to the needs of our clients.” Gradually, the success and popularity of our firm allowed for the addition of six more convenient Wisconsin locations.”

A growing need for financial help

Due to recession, government bailouts and new laws; bankruptcy filings spiked those first years in business. Our team rose to the occasion. Although bankruptcy filings dropped by 2010, the need for them remained consistent. (Over a million bankruptcy filings in the U.S. each year since 2008.) Currently, the crisis caused by COVID-19 threatens our economy. The after-effects of the pandemic may lead to another spike in personal bankruptcies for 2021 and beyond.

Filing Bankruptcy Big Decision

Filing for personal bankruptcy is a big decision to make.  The attorneys at Debt Advisors want to be sure that you have all the facts necessary to make the best decision for your particular situation.  They encourage clients to explore all possible options, starting with a no-strings attached free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Bankruptcy Clients Have No Stereotype

According to Attorney Georg, “Bankruptcy clients have changed over the years.”  He continues, “It used to be that our clients were primarily from lower-income households, but a growing number of our clients are middle-class.”  Contrary to myth, bankruptcy can happen to anyone in any community, income level, status, ethnic background or profession. No matter who you are or where you come from, our bankruptcy law firm will meet your needs without judgement.

Recognized Leader in Industry

Since 2006, Debt Advisors Law Offices has built their reputation in Wisconsin. As a leader in the industry of bankruptcy and debt elimination, they work hard to maintain status. The need to help individuals and families through financial crises continues to be strong. COVID-19 may lead to new challenges. We are prepared to help. If you need help getting back on the path to a new and successful financial life, Debt Advisors Law Offices gets the job done.


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