Living, Working & Thriving In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Industries and immigrants are the bedrock of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the years,the city has grown to 595,000 residents. The city has always been a great place of opportunity to live and work. Today, good wages and lower taxes rank Milwaukee as “one of the most affordable big cities to live in.” The area draws crowds from every corner; known for its festivals, parks, sporting events, and bountiful lakes. Not to mention- family and people you grew up with are still in the area. You’re likely to want to stick around.

Milwaukee Employment And Opportunities

Due to COVID-19, the Milwaukee unemployment rate hit 14.8% in April of 2020. As a community, we still feel the impact of that. The good news is that the most recent data indicates that unemployment rates have steadily been improving. This means that many folks like you are out there looking for work. According to GlassDoor, there are as many as 25,000 job openings in the Metro-Milwaukee marketplace.

Good Paying Jobs In Milwaukee

There are people searching for jobs with good companies and competitive salaries. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities in downtown and the greater Milwaukee area. To give you an idea of the current marketplace, we’re sharing data from

Can An Employer Check My Credit Report?

In the state of Wisconsin, a potential employer would be required to have your written approval. Without your signature, it would be illegal. Thanks to the (FCRA), there are consumer protections in place for such actions. More information about (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Thriving In Milwaukee Wisconsin

To thrive, you must do more than survive. Don’t let low credit scores or overwhelming debt hold you back. At Debt Advisors Law Offices, we help people in a various stage of financial distress. We can help those who are looking for work, those who are receiving unemployment, and those who are currently working. We help folks in downtown as well as Metro-Milwaukee and across Milwuakee county. help protect your most important assets and eliminate debt for good.

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