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Attention: Wisconsin Residents in Financial Distress – Don’t Hire a Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney Before You’ve Read This…

You Can STOP Harassing Creditors & Get The Fresh Financial Start You Deserve

Michael Georg & Chad Schomburg, Bankruptcy Attorneys

It IS possible for you to keep Your House, Car, Retirement and Other Property &
Still Get Out From Under The Mountain of Debt You’re Facing

Most likely, you’ve landed on this site because something unexpected happened that has sent your finances spiraling out of control, or . . . maybe you’ve made some financial decisions you regret. Either way, in order to move forward you need to know that financial problems do not make you a bad person. You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed that you need help. Everyone makes mistakes and unexpected things happen. Really.

The GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to wallow in your difficult situation or suffer from it forever. You can do something about it. In fact, as a bankruptcy attorney I have helped thousands of Wisconsin residents in your particular predicament get a fresh financial start and I’m confident I can help you too.

Hello, my name is Michael Georg, and unlike many lawyers, I can relate to your situation.

I know what is is like to struggle financially. I have been helping people eliminate their debts since 1997. My passion for helping those who are in financial distress runs deep. That’s why both myself and my partner, Attorney Chad Schomburg, donate time regularly to Legal Action. It may sound hokey but we truly do care and hate to see good folks suffering under a mountain of debt.

The Law Can Work in Your Favor –
IF and only IF You Understand the Law

Some people think the bankruptcy laws exist only to help mega corporations. Large businesses can benefit from bankruptcy; but more importantly, the same can be true for regular people in financial trouble. However, you NEED an expert on your side fighting for your rights . . .

And when I say expert, I don’t mean some “run of the mill” lawyer who dabbles in bankruptcy. To ensure you get the fresh financial start you need and deserve, you need someone who’s only focus is bankruptcy, and more importantly Consumer Bankruptcy!

If you’ll allow me to give you a piece of advice; don’t even bother talking to anyone who doesn’t meet the following criteria:

  • High Case Volume and Personal Service. Some lawyers will try to convince you that it’s to your advantage to hire them because they only take a few bankruptcy cases per year and this will allow them to give you more attention. It’s not true. You want a firm who specializes in consumer bankruptcy and handles at least several hundred cases per year. In this area of law, bigger is almost always better. However, some firms become too large. Their clients become a number and you may get shuffled from attorney to attorney. If you walk into an attorney’s office and the waiting room is packed, standing room only…..turn around, quickly. We have struck the right balance. Chad and I have helped thousands of people with their consumer bankruptcy cases. So we know the in’s and out’s of the Wisconsin consumer bankruptcy system. At the same time we’ve purposely kept our firm from getting too large which allows us to be personally involved with your case. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of representation with a very personal touch.)
  • High “Discharge” Success Rate: If an attorney is not getting the majority of their clients the favorable outcome they seek, it can be a sign that the attorney is not zealously representing her clients against their creditors (We’ve got a chapter 7 discharge success rate of 99% with the over 5,000 cases we’ve served). Bankruptcy is all we do!
  • Offer a HIGH Quality Free Consultation. Other lawyers will offer free consultations, but very few are willing to really get into the meat of your situation until you’ve paid them. You want an attorney who is willing to take the time “on their dime” to understand your situation before recommending a course of action for you. (We offer all our prospective clients a full one-hour free consultation. And our team will work with you beforehand to make sure you are fully prepared to get as much as possible out of the consultation).
Accept This Invitation and…
YOUR Financial Situation WILL Change

I want to invite you to come into my office for a free consultation with myself or our other lead
attorney Chad Schomburg. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t judge you in anyway. Whatever difficulties you are having we’ve almost certainly seen it before and helped someone in a situation just like yours get relief.

At your free consultation, you can be yourself and we will listen with an understanding ear and provide you with an honest opinion about your best options. If you spend one hour of your time with us, I’m confident you will come away feeling that you’ve made a great investment in your financial future.

To get started simply fill out the form in the top right corner of this page or give us a call (our number is at the top of this page). We’ll begin with a short no pressure phone call where you can learn a bit more about our FREE consultation and see if it’s the right thing for you.

Warmest regards,

PS. Are you concerned you can’t afford this? Please don’t worry about that. If after the free
consultation it looks like we can help you, we’ll find a way to make the money work. We’ve never turned away a client because of money. We’ll find a way together. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Do it today. Do it right now. Your future is waiting and you’ve got nothing to lose except the 800lb. financial gorilla that is on your back.

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