Increased Foreclosure Numbers in Wisconsin

15 - Sep - 2011
Credit Card Debt

People struggling with mortgage payments and other debt have several options to help stop foreclosures and other debt-collection actions. By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, for example, an automatic stay is instated, stopping any foreclosure proceedings and blocking creditors’ attempts to collect money. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can advise people as to which option is best for their particular circumstances.

Foreclosure Status October 2021

Update to October of 2021; Wisconsin experienced a slow increase. Currently, the state has a foreclosure rate of one in every 10,364 households. (Richland, Ashland, Dodge, Green Lake, and Polk counties are reporting the highest number of foreclosures.)

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Bankruptcy Relief for COVID Hardships

2020 Foreclosure Hault

Due to pandemic protections in 2020, foreclosures had been suspended.

2010-2011 Foreclosure Hault

Nationwide, foreclosure filings have declined for 10 months in a row. James Saccacio, CEO of RealtyTrac, was quoted by the Leader-Telegram as saying the decrease in foreclosure filings was originally started by the “robo-signing controversy” that arose in October 2010, temporarily halting foreclosure proceedings. Now, though, Saccacio reports that the decline may be attributed to foreclosure-prevention programs at both the state and national level, including loan modification and mortgage-payment assistance programs.



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