How to ensure your online shopping is safe & secure

22 - Dec - 2015
Credit Card Debt

There are security threats when shopping online and serious debt troubles that could follow. So, how do you know an online site is safe? Reputable retailers and banks will NOT allow pop-ups advertising phony products or services. There are several other things you can look for. The most simple step is to ensure that the site you’re visiting is secure. (Shopping on an unsecure WiFi network  is never recommended.) Furthermore, you should easily be able to find a site privacy statement and return policy on any website you’re interested in. By following these few simple tips, you can shop online with more confidence.

Secure HTTPS

Any site that asks for personal information should have an added layer of security between the browser and the website you’re connected to. Before doing any kind of online banking or entering any kind of personal information, (including your name, contact info and or credit card information), be sure to look at the URL, or address for the site across the top of your computer screen or mobile, and ensure that you see “HTTPS.”  Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome will also display a “padlock” icon in the address bar to indicate the HTTPS connection.

Danger In Providing Personal Information

Many people don’t realize that your identity can be stolen when providing personal information online. Some scammer, malicious sites, have something called Adware or Malware that steals your personal information. Watch out for websites that have pop-ups asking for your personal information. Never provide your social security number. Data breaches are not limited to small, phony businesses. Large businesses can have data breaches as well which is why it’s important to check your bank accounts and credit reports frequently.

Secure Shopping Tips

Keep your operating system up to date. Most importantly, it is always recommended to use anti-malware and anti-virus software to protect yourself while shopping. If shopping away from home, ensure that the WiFi network your on is secure. How do you know? If the WiFi network you’re on is shared, and it didn’t require a login/password to get in, then it is not a safe place to shop with your credit card. Every legitimate business should have a privacy policy easily accessible. Another thing you can do to see if a business is legit is to do some reverse searching on Google for the business name, reviews, and other information.

When Online Shopping Leads To Debt

Online shopping, if not controlled, can lead to massive credit card debt. During the pandemic, an increased number of households fell for the “buy now, pay later” temptation. If you found yourself spending more than usual, and making less income, you could be facing financial trouble. Bankruptcy may or may not be right for you. Find the help you need by scheduling a free, no obligation debt consultation with a Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney



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