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Green Bay Wisconsin is located within Brown County, at the basin of Lake Michigan. Green Bay is the oldest city within the state of WI; origins dating back more than 10,000 years. Today, the city of Green Bay is well-known for wicked cold winters, and hard-core football fansthat come to see the Green Bay Packers Football. Residents and business of Green Bay benefit greatly from tourism-related spending, bringing in hundreds of millions to the areaeach year, contributing millions more to local tax revenue, and supporting nearly 11,000 jobs inBrown County.
“Title-Town,” Green Bay WI in itself is just over 104,000 residents. The Metro-Green Bay population is three times as large, but the city is still considered one of the NFL’s smallest markets. Apparently, size is no deterrent to success as the Packers have had 13 championship seasons including four super bowls over the intervening three quarters of a century; more than any other team in professional football.Last but not least, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, ranks in the top three NFL arenas for seating capacity.

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Green Bay Economy& Culture
Both locals and visitors of Green Bay find the city full of exciting things to do and sights to visit. The local Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving and diversifying the local economy of Green Bay, including jobs and attractions in the downtown riverfront location. As a result, downtown Green Bay continues to be a favorite destination, showcasing restaurants, shops, and an eclectic mix of old, urban, and new establishments. Creativity thrives in Green Bay as the city also hosts two symphony orchestras, several local theatres, an opera company, and three colleges, (UW-Green Bay, NWTC, and St. Norbert College). Visitors and locals rate the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts as “excellent, and a “must see.” The people of Green Bayare hard-working, skilled, educated, and motivated to live debt-free. Locals focus on improving the city while balancing their own personal financial well-being which is always in motion, and requires consistent checks and balances.

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Green Bay Bankruptcy Attorneys
# DebtAdvisorsIs a local law firm that helps Wisconsin residents get finances back in order through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and other non-bankruptcy options. Debt Advisors attorneys has helped thousands of people in and around Green Bay, and across the state of Wisconsin, each year.Whether you have recently divorced, finished college, married, or have become ill requiring costly medical treatment; Debt Advisors can help. Improve your life, and your credit score, by becoming debt-free. Call Debt Advisors Law Offices for a free consult today. 920-499-2234

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  • review rating 5  As a customer I was very glad with the level of service I received. I was both nervous and ashamed that I was going through the process of filing. My attorney was nonjudgmental, professional, and very knowledgeable. I had lots of questions and he patiently answered each of them helping me feel more confident in my decision making. I was unable to pay all fees up front and was happy to learn that there was a payment option where payments were deducted from my account until paid in full. Upon my final payment the process ran quickly and smoothly. I always felt like my best interest was at the forefront front the filing process, followup phone calls, reminder phones calls, the court date and discharge. I called the offices 3 years after filing and still, they were welcoming, supportive and informative even though I am not a current customer. This was the first step to me reestablishing myself as a conscious borrower and consumer.

    thumb Ashley Vtine
  • review rating 5  Both Cad and Michael were fantastic!!! They were dedicated and very helpful during my entire bankruptcy. Every step was explained as well as any question that I had (even if I asked three or four times) got answered. I would recommend this team to anyone that needs to swallow their pride and file bankruptcy.

    thumb Andrew Ossowski
  • review rating 5  My husband and I hired Debt Advisors to help with our bankruptcy back in 2010. They made it simple and easy then. Now 10 years later we needed information regarding our bankruptcy and they still make things simple and easy. I have and will recommend Debt Advisors to anyone that needs help. Thank you to Debt Advisors for helping my family plan for the future.

    thumb Carrie Kilbey
  • review rating 5  Even one year later Debt Advisors continue to help by making it easy to access archived information. This experience with this service and it's staff has been stress free from day one. I recommend this team if you want thorough and excellent service like old times.

    thumb Reynell Jones
  • review rating 5  My experience with debt advisors law office was an excellent experience. Chad and his partner we're very knowledgeable and their staff was very helpful through my whole process. As We Know this type of experience bankruptcy can be very trying and stressful however Chad and his staff made it a lot easier on me and I felt they did a wonderful job. I would recommend to anyone.

    thumb Sandy Herfel
  • review rating 5  A few years ago I found myself drowning in debt, after doing some research I decided I would get some help in dealing with that debt, so I reached out to Debt Advisors Law Offices. I was scared, nervous, and embarrassed that I had gotten to this point but after my first meeting with Debt Advisors I knew I was making the right decision. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward. The best part was it was all on my time, I felt no pressure from them which was amazing. They were always available to answer my questions and help me through the process. A couple years after my case closed, I reached out to get some information and within that same day they responded to me and remembered me! Truly a wonderful firm to work with!

    thumb Weston Jones
  • review rating 5  Best place to relieve your debt. Debt Advisors offers a seamless process which is both worry and stress free. Flexible payment options and quick turn-around. The staff is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to deliver satisfaction!....Hands down Debt Advisors is the BEST!

    thumb Nina Ross
  • review rating 5  Greg and his staff are great! They made the whole process easy and made everything clear to understand. You don’t second guess nothing. They are with you every step of the way and if you have any questions they definitely have the answer for you.

    thumb Ethan Wemmer
  • review rating 5  Greg and Jeremy strategized the best timing for filing based on the variables changing throughout my divorce process. The team counciled me several times on the various benefits and potential risks while we navigated the best solution specific to my particular situation. I would fully recommend their expertise and their customized approach of how they manage their clients financial recovery.

    thumb Pringle Productions
  • review rating 5  These people are great! They have been so helpful and polite, even during my most stressful moments. I’m sure I got on their last nerve! But they remained courteous and helpful to the end!

    thumb Latasha Messer

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