Financial Protection During Pandemic

*We offer “virtual” bankruptcy solutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic*

The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic is real. It’s good to know your options. Although it’s not recommended to make important decisions while in a highly emotional state, it may also be difficult to avoid. For example, financial hardships caused by COVID-19 may get worse, rather than better, as time goes on. Although there may not be a choice regarding the circumstances and challenges of the pandemic, everyone has choices in how they respond to it.

COVID-19 Financial Advice

The best financial advice is to be prepared for the worst. When it comes to decision making, weigh all of your options. Learn about bankruptcy. It’s  an efficient and effective legal process that can completely eliminate debt. Gather facts from credible sources. For example, at Debt Advisors we are attorneys with more than fifteen years of experience familiar with both state and federal bankruptcy options. Bankruptcy laws, the status of the courts, or other changes that could impact your case may change from day to day. Contact us directly with your questions. We will quickly advise whether or not bankruptcy may be beneficial for your individual situation and circumstances. Furthermore, we will provide direction regarding how to get through the process while navigating around the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s aftermath.

When Panic Sets In

Comparable to a serious medical diagnosis, tragic family emergency, or divorce; a pandemic is also an unplanned event that can lead to serious financial trouble. The announcement of the current COVID-19 pandemic was meant to spread awareness and stop the quick spread of the disease. Unfortunately, the announcement also created panic – Wisconsin’s empty store shelves are an example of this.  With current business closures, lost profits, wages, and displaced workers; there are big challenges ahead for local consumers.  Instead of choosing panic, gather as much credible information as possible. Your health is most important. If you need help getting out of debt, the benefits and protections of bankruptcy remain accessible. Don’t panic. Filing bankruptcy can be a financial life-saver during any crisis, including a world pandemic like COVID-19.

Financial Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

There is never enough time to fully prepare or prevent an emergency situation, so you are not alone in the challenges you are facing. Although society has never experienced a COVID-19 situation before, we can compare the situation to other life emergencies.  We know that the most difficult to overcome, are tragic events that happen simultaneously. (For example, the loss of income combined with a severe medical diagnosis.) It is also ore difficult to overcome financial events that take a long time to resolve. The current pandemic is an example of these scenarios. We can expect that the financial impact of the coronavirus will impact all consumers. (Individual, households, local community, statewide & national levels.) Although consumers who carry pre-existing debt are at the highest risk of financial troubles, our entire society should expect hardships as COVID-19 runs its course. If you are unable to recover from the financial impact of this pandemic, then bankruptcy should be considered as a viable option.

Affordable, Safe & Effective Legal Counsel

The choices you make to resolve financial problems are very important because they impact days, months, and years ahead. Debt Advisors Law Offices is here to simplify this process of decision making by providing clients affordable, safe and effective legal counsel. We are extremely reputable -our rates are fair, and financing is available. (Read our reviews on Google) During the coronavirus pandemic, we are still able to work with the state and federal bankruptcy courts. We also offer clients “virtual” meetings on a variety of convenient platforms. Therefore, if you’re quarantined at home,  we can still help you resolve major debt. Please fill out the “start here” form on this page and we will contact you right away.



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