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We offer two main types of consumer bankruptcy at our Milwaukee office: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to get out of debt. Conversely, it’s not for everyone. The process includes a Wisconsin bankruptcy means test, credit counseling, and the review of other financial documents.  To find out if bankruptcy will benefit you and your family, we recommend starting with a financial consultation with a lawyer. You will not be charged for this conversation with us. What you decide to do from that point is completely up to your discretion. Finally, our goal is to provide the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

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Debt Advisors main office is located on Mayfair Road between Center street and North Avenue in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Every day our law firm is dedicated to helping people like you get back on their feet after financial hardship. Interestingly, people who file bankruptcy do not live in poverty. Even folks who have a job, home, or other assets may qualify for the fresh start that only bankruptcy can provide. Nevertheless, there are many of people who continue to struggle with debt. Debt Advisors is a trusted source for legal assistance. Since 2012, we have been voted “Best Bankruptcy Law Firm In Milwaukee.” 

What Is Cost Of Bankruptcy In Milwaukee?

Unfortunately, there are some establishments who quote low filing prices. Then, they “tack on” additional fees. This can be a real nightmare. For example, many of those cases end up “dismissed” by the courts because they cannot afford the payments. Rest assured that Debt Advisors Milwaukee is transparent with fees. You can get started on the bankruptcy process for as little as $100. From there, we make financing the process very affordable so you can quickly get out of debt.

There are a couple of points to keep in mind. Depending upon the complexity of your case, the cost to file bankruptcy is relatively consistent. This means that the cost to file in Milwaukee will be very similar to the cost to file anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. The cost to declare bankruptcy is the same for an individual or a married couple.  If you need to file bankruptcy and live near Milwaukee, contact Debt Advisors. We have payment plans. We never turn people away.

Debt Advisors Law Firm Milwaukee

Every day our law firm is dedicated to helping people like you get back on their feet after financial hardship. Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and assistants are responsive, considerate, and extremely proficient. Our focus is 100% bankruptcy. Along with professional and transparent bankruptcy services, we put a lot of effort into ensuring your experience is as pleasant as possible. From your initial contact with us, through the bankruptcy process and beyond, we do our best to ensure that you are well-informed and well-represented.

Ultimately, we understand that there are a variety of bankruptcy services near Milwaukee. This makes the decision about where to go a little more difficult.  Trust your instincts. Afterwards, gather advice from real attorneys who can show that their clients are satisfied with the services offered.

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