Collection Agencies, off your Back for Good

Nobody expects to lose their job and get behind on bills, but it can happen to those with the best intentions.  Even after finding new employment, it’s often difficult to close the gap of that lost time.  Accrued interest makes those bills grow larger and your ability to overcome, almost impossible.

Debt collecting agencies can be haunting, like a dark shadow that never leaves your side. They represent credit card companies, municipalities, banks, merchants, hospitals, and even small businesses.  If you have any unpaid debt, after a period of time you may find yourself a target.  It’s yet another uphill battle dealing with these people.  For most, there’s little that can be done… quick enough, to satisfy their requests.  The tactics they use to collect their money can borderline harassment; pay it OR ELSE. Credit agencies know that customers generally don’t want their credit to be affected, and they know there is fear involved with threatening legal action.  The good news is that there are laws, State and federal regulations, designed to protect you, the consumer.  The problem is that these laws are always changing, and being challenged.

If you are served with a lawsuit from a credit agency, don’t ignore it.  It’s imperative that you take action immediately, but steer clear of credit firms who claim to ‘consolidate credit.’  These enterprises profit at your expense with unsatisfactory results.

There are laws to protect the consumer, but they are always changing and difficult to keep up with.  The attorneys at Debt Advisors Law Offices are familiar with these laws, and sensitive to your situation.  They have offices in (6) major cities across the state.   The best advice is to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney from Debt Advisors Law Offices.  They are upfront and informative, offering legal advice specifically for your situation.  Possible scenarios may or may not include Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Debt Advisors attorneys are upfront and informative, offering real, long-lasting solutions to resolve your Debt.  There’s no charge for the initial consultation, so there’s nothing to lose. Call for some free advice and get the credit agencies off your back, for good.



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