Can’t Afford Bankruptcy Lawyer? Think Again

Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees Are Less Than Expected

It is a common misconception that hiring a law firm must be expensive. On the contrary, Debt Advisors, has the perfect balance of experience and affordability. Anyone who requests one can receive a free initial consultation. Your lawyer will quickly determine whether Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Wisconsin Chapter 128 are a good fit. Get started with Debt Advisors for as little as $100.

Rest assured, our firm is very transparent about fees. Our legal fees align with industry standards. Furthermore, we offer clients to ability to choose from a variety of payment options that make our services even more affordable. Read what clients say about  bankruptcy fees, services, and overall satisfaction with the process.

More About How Much Bankruptcy Costs

Non-Profit vs Lawyer Help For Bankruptcy

Non-profits that support filing on your own make it look easy. However, after realizing all that has to be done, it quickly becomes complicated and stressful. For example, you will need to understand and navigate legal documents, fees, court requirements, counseling, and meetings, and submit accurate information to court officials. Basically, non-profits provide information without the legal guidance to navigate through it effectively. This means that you are left mostly on your own to complete the legal process.

Law Firm Profits

Law firms and non-profits both make money – they just go about it differently. Non-profit bankruptcy organizations are tax exempt, meaning that they don’t pay taxes on income. Whereas, law firms do pay taxes. Non-profits receive much of their income through donations whereas for-profit organizations such as law firms receive payment directly from clients. If your time is important, and if you want to ensure that bankruptcy is filed quickly and efficiently the first time, there is no substitute for a bankruptcy lawyer: The experience, representation and legal knowledge that you gain access to is unmatched. A bankruptcy lawyer handles your case from start to finish, involving you in every step while removing the burden of time and stress.

Financial Problems Due To COVID

COVID-19 has exasperated financial hardships; especially those that began prior to the pandemic. State and Federal government reacted to the crises by providing unemployment compensation, stimulus payments, and emergency protections for tenants or homeowners. However, these program benefits will be ending. If your financial situation has not changed, or has worsened during COVID-19, then there IS reason for concern. Right now, is an opportune time to take advantage of professional advice about bankruptcy. Your first call will cost nothing – but can change everything for the better.

Help Filing For Bankruptcy

Your choice to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help file for bankruptcy does matter. Debt Advisors helps low-income or no income families file bankruptcy. Debt Advisors also helps protect the income and assets of folks who have income but have recently experienced a devastating financial hardship such as medical bills or divorce.  When filing bankruptcy with our law firm, we will stop lawsuits, bill collectors and garnishments. Before concluding that your financial hardship is so big that you cannot afford a lawyer, give us a chance to prove otherwise.

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