Best to be honest when filing bankruptcy

If your finances are out of control and you’re feeling overwhelmed and helpless; maybe it’s time to be honest about the situation and make a change for the better.  At Debt Advisors Law Offices, we’ll assure you that your situation is not all that uncommon.  You’ll get honest answers and honest solutions to your financial troubles. Debt Advisors has helped thousands of Wisconsin families, and we can help you as well.

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There’s no need to be embarrassed about filing bankruptcy.  In 2013, there were more than 1,002,000 bankruptcies filed nationally.  Contrary to the common belief, most bankruptcy cases aren’t caused by reckless spending.  The majority of cases are filed by normal people who find themselves in financial hardship due to job loss or unexpected medical bills.  Others may be lower-income individuals who simply can’t afford to deal with unexpected major expenses that have come their way.   If you’re considering bankruptcy, seek a reputable bankruptcy attorney like Debt Advisors Law Offices, and ask for a free initial consultation.

Honesty goes a long way

 In bankruptcy, it’s very important to list all of your creditors. Your attorney will help ensure that your bankruptcy documents are complete and as accurate as possible, but they won’t know everyone who you may owe money to.  If a creditor fails to be listed, the debt may not be eliminated during the bankruptcy process. (You should even list creditors that you may have a dispute with.)

There are also various types of future interests that will need to be disclosed in your bankruptcy.  (Stocks, trusts, tax refunds, pensions, inheritance, etc.)  The best option to ensure your petition is filed correctly the first time is to hire an attorney.  If you hire a reputable and experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can feel secure in the fact that they’ll look out for your best interest.  Google local bankruptcy attorneys and check-out their reviews!

Recognized leader in industry

Debt Advisors Law Offices has been Voted #1 best bankruptcy firm two years in a row, and quickly becoming a recognized leader in their industry.  They specialize in bankruptcy, but also offer helpful legal advice and credit counseling with non-bankruptcy options.  Debt Advisors Law Offices has the resources and experience to provide solid advice and direction for your fresh new start.

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