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Most people have heard the negative talk about bankruptcy, but very few have heard about the many benefits. A lot of the negative information about bankruptcy comes from lenders and creditors who don’t want people to know about their rights and the benefits available to them. To get to the truth, you need to talk to a lawyer who understands your rights and is dedicated to protecting them.

One benefit of bankruptcy that every person seeking debt relief appreciates is the end of creditor harassment. Due to a provision in the law called the automatic stay, creditors and their representatives are required to stop all collection activity immediately. This includes harassing phone calls, letters, lawsuits, foreclosures, repossessions and wage garnishments.

Stop Creditor Harassment in Oshkosh

At Debt Advisors, S.C., we are committed to helping every person in Wisconsin who is facing financial hardship find the necessary relief to get back on the right path. Living in a constant state of anxiety over your bills and how you are going pay them can be destructive in many different areas of your life. By filing for bankruptcy, you take the first step toward regaining your financial freedom.

We focus our practice on consumer bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. We take the time to get to know you and understand your goals. We provide a thorough review of your case and give you our best recommendation about how to obtain the relief you need. You have the right to live your life without creditors harassing you night and day. We have the tools to help you put an end to it.

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Contact us at Debt Advisors and schedule a free initial consultation at our Oshkosh office, or at one of our other five Wisconsin locations, including Milwaukee, to learn more about how to stop harassing phone calls from creditors. Either send us an e-mail or call us toll free at 888-222-5615 to get started.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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