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The automatic stay is a provision in the bankruptcy code that forbids creditors from continuing collection activity once a debtor has filed for bankruptcy. While the intent of the automatic stay is to allow the court to manage your bankruptcy proceeding without interference from creditors or their representatives, it has some distinct benefits for the debtor as well.

Since creditors have to stop collection activity, that means you won’t receive any more harassing phone calls and no more threatening letters. Foreclosure and repossession actions will stop, and lawsuits will be prevented from moving forward. In addition, any wage garnishments that have been initiated or are pending against you will end.

Stop Creditor Harassment in Green Bay

In some cases, creditors will continue their debt collection efforts even after they have been notified of your bankruptcy. When they do, they are essentially in violation of a court order. If you inform a bill collector that the debt has been included in a bankruptcy and it continues to try to collect, you may have grounds for legal action against it and might even be able to seek damages.

At Debt Advisors, S.C., we represent clients in all aspects of consumer bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. Our lawyers also handle contact with creditors who refuse to honor the automatic stay. If you are having trouble with an overly persistent creditor, refer them to us and we will deal with them for you.

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