Life After Bankruptcy in Waukesha

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Bankruptcy provides a great way for people to eliminate debt and make a fresh start. Now that your debts have been discharged, it is important to know what to expect in the months that follow. Many people believe that they won’t have access to credit for several years after a bankruptcy. In fact, you could start receiving offers for credit in as little as a few months. What do you do with these offers? How do you handle them?

At Debt Advisors, S.C., your relationship with us does not end when you receive your discharge. We remain available to answer questions and address any issues with creditors whose debt was discharged in the bankruptcy. We can also advise you on strategies to make your fresh start a success rather than a trip back into excessive debt.

Life After Bankruptcy in Waukesha

One of the most important things you can do after bankruptcy is stay on top of your credit report. Make sure all the debts that were included in your bankruptcy have been cleared. If they haven’t, we can help you through the process of correcting any errors. The sooner your credit report is cleared up, the sooner you can begin to rebuild your credit. Learn more about other aspects of life after bankruptcy, including:

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Contact a lawyer at Debt Advisors to get your questions answered and to schedule a free initial consultation. Feel free to visit our Milwaukee office, or one of our other five Wisconsin locations, including Madison and Sheboygan. Either send us an e-mail or call us toll free at 888-222-5615 to make an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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